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The Grander Lighter Vision

Thank you today for the grander lighter vision as I walk along my path that I intend to walk most days. Some days are a bit tougher to take those steps and walk and some I find myself stopping to just take in all the art and make stories . Even if I cant do a project or create I share to my instagram story and it seems as though it makes me feel I created something. Like, whenever I write I just know that I am one moment by one day creating my life story.

Someday the children are going to find this book and open it and see the story. Thank you Mom for things like Shelter which brings us safety when we have been in the elements too much; Thank you Mom for food for when we need a good reminder of our strength. Thank you Mom for being the eyes that see all the grand being done and unfolding. Thank you for everyone in their divine roles. Thank you for the children; they keep on smiling no matter what. Thank you for all the materials that we have as tools to help us evolve.

I cant thank mom enough for the times I poured out to her because I was blessed to have spices and hands to do it. I have a heart it loves every single moment of life. I have eyes they see all the light. I have a brain which keeps on growing the more I learn. I have two feet to walk this earth to wherever you take me. I am a little child at your hand. I just want to run and be free and be able to find you again. I get lost, scared and sometimes I really am little Amber again. But, if I could live each moment loosing myself I could fly knowing my heart will ground safely into your love keeping me awake and transparent.

I heard myself saying " I have no spine now ; everyone takes advantage of me" I just know that it translates to " If you break your back everyday for love; all your work has been done" no matter how long it lasted or how much you did.. You did it all in that moment with the utmost strength and thank you mom for having my back.

Mom helped me yet again recover from my lower back being pulled.. She even provided the chair; not even kidding. I went into serious debt and said fuck it at one point last month; I can see the light from rock bottom. It feels eerie and sometimes I can burst out into tears at any point but, if you could see how strong these hands are by now... its okay I know you know. You know everything. You picked me took my hand and said cmon we have places to go; and people to cherish.

~ Ananda

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