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Happy Litha Summer Solstice Everyone! And Happy Father's Day! Here we are at Midsummer...we have arrived at the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The Goddess is now full and pregnant with Child...and the Sun God is at the height of His virility...

As she tip-toes cross the sea...she slips in so subtly. Sharing her charms upon the earth...kissing nature with rebirth. She is fair and whimsical...wise and mystical. She lives her life in a childish way...playfully dancing....sprinkling her seeds for the day.

Spreading her wings of soft warm winds...sun arising her halo...this is how her journey begins. She likes to make her presence known...with lavender scents that are all her own...a lilac bouquet full of honey suckle rose...cascades down her arm to the tip of her toes. Dressed in golden rays of light...her mantle laced in blue and white. Her lush trail of emerald green...her ruffled hem of florals seen...from coast to coast and in between.

In her glory she holds her torch high...warming the waters and lighting the sky.

Suddenly she begins to cry...she even has to wonder why...temperamental she can be her thunderous voice and raging sea.

Though she calms down quite beautifully...ribbons of rainbows from her hair she paints in the she continues to pass on by.

She's as wild as the waves in the gentle as her sweet southern breeze...she tends to all the nectar...that flows within the trees. She rests by where the willows weep...and roams through fields of amber wheat...

She hides in forest dark and deep...and climbs up to the mountain peak. Then soars to valleys down below...there she watches orchards grow. When evening comes she wanders off into the starlit skies...and gazes at the heavens with her sapphire eyes... She turns to rest for she knows best. She dreams of dawns tomorrow...when her ventures begin anew...waking all the earth by sprinkling morning dew.

She's known by many names throughout the land and sea...but...we just call her this Solstice's the midsummer's dream...the lover of the mighty Sun...where she lives eternally!


~~ Teia Tephi Magdalena


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