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The future of men and women together. Balanced Harmonics

There is a light that is beginning to shine. It is revealing all of the injustice and persecution that has happened to men and women all around the world.

For many years men who wanted to come from love were moulded by war, stereotypes and fear of emotional expression.

For many years women who had the power of Mother Earth flowing through their being were attacked, abused and suppressed by beings who wanted to dim their light.

The time has now come for all of this to STOP.

The time has now come for all men and women to step into their ultimate truth.

A truth where men see women for their ultimate light and consciousness. A truth where women can see past the conditioning and molding of our divine masculine brothers. A truth where men hold a space of love and understanding for the women of the world who literally carry the beings who walk around us for 9 months. A truth where men are shown how to release the emotions that confuse and torment their minds for days on end. A truth where women are no longer subliminally and directly forced into sexual acts just because a porn video showed a man a false representation of pleasure.

We are moving into a world of sovereignty.

This means that as a man and woman come together to make love the woman is given the ultimate power of control and choice in the first instance. Love, respect and communication come before EVERYTHING else. Not where the man chokes and slaps the woman like she is not worth the ground she walks on. To give a woman the power to dictate the first true experience is to show her that she is seen. The man is strong and powerful. He can push his physical body to incredible limits. His physical vessel is one of safety and security for the woman not a vessel of power and control. For her to embody the divine solar energy that resides within her being will allow her body to relax, release and climb the heights of pleasure that she is fully capable of. THIS is the power that two beings can create when they fully see each other in a divine sovereign place. There are no rules here. Past experiences become obsolete and together you explore each other like you are painting a canvas with your souls.

To my divine sisters. As you read this understand that you no longer have to sacrifice the greatest gift that you can give to a man. Do not use your body as a power trip unless you want to follow a path of pain and darkness. Instead, allow only those men who are truly worthy of you into your being. See a man for his own divine self and create a moment together that will echo across the dimensions of time and space. He must prove himself before he has the ability to connect with you in such a precious way.

To my divine brothers. She may have been through more than you know. Hold space for her. See her. Be gentle as you begin to explore her physical body. Your touch will help her to feel safe and calm. Your love will allow her strength and power to rise up. If you are on top of her let her guide you. If she is on top of you let her express herself. She is a flower in a gentle breeze, a thunderstorm on the highest mountain. She is the Earth and the sky. You are both the sun and the moon. Treat each other no less than this and you will find pleasure that is not of this world. My brother, I see you. We were not told how to truly embrace the magnificent beauty of the divine feminine. With tears in my eyes, I hold a hand out to you to lift you up into the light. We are not monsters. We are the change the world has been looking for.

Remember this is not a power/hierarchy trip.

This is a dance of two souls who TRULY SEE EACH OTHER.

There is no chase. There is no running. It is a decision made by two beings who are standing in their own divine power. Two beings who are fully ready to embrace each other in a loving and safe way.

The very act of choosing to share your body with someone else is one that can bring two people so close together. It can light up the stars in their eyes and bring them into a knowing of one another.

Sisters, again I ask something of you that I may not have the right to ask...

Many men are seeking to rise into their true sovereign selves. If you do not feel they are quite there then try to hold a space of love as long as they do not abuse you or try to hold you back. Hold space for as long as your heart and soul desires and when it is too much have no fear of leaving. Now is the time for rapid growth and divine unions across the globe. You may point them in the direction of those who are standing for how things could have been... how they should have been. You may show them that it is ok to stand in the light by showing them posts like this.

Remember most people don't know any better. They are children that were lead astray.

This is not a post of self grandeur.

I am nobody in this moment. I am you and you are I.

I do this because I am passionate about the future of all people on Earth. I know we can learn in love. I know we can express our truths in a safe and loving environment.

I will stand for love, balance and harmony until my very last physical breath.

You are worthy of true love. No one should have to settle. The time of your ultimate sovereignty is now.

Rise. Lead. Guide.

I love you for everything you have been through and all you have transmuted.

Your brother, always

James Malines


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