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The Event 2021

The visions of The Event started when I was a small child. The dreams and visions have continued, throughout my life. The Event is why I am here. I can still recall with stunning clarity the way the sky looks: although it is night...the entire sky is alive with a multitude of dazzling, electric colors of the symbols and activity of hundreds, if not thousands of communications there.

Some are recognizable on the most basic of levels to everyone. They are calling out to us to in the physical, comforting us and reminding us that we are safe, understood and known.

Other symbols and activities reside there too, and although they are not immediately recognizable or remembered by our 3 dimensional selves, they sing to our hearts, and our higher Selves. They are familiar in the deepest sense of the word, being both ancient and of the future. We KNOW these visual signs and the communications coming from them, as they resonate with the most sacred spaces within our very Being. We recall them from someplace deep within, and know that they are present in the NOW, because we've raised our collective frequency enough to have earned our place within our Universal Family.

There are other signs and “happenings” in the sky as well that are new to us. They are not recognizable or familiar in any way, on any level, to most of us. They are profoundly meaningful, and carry with them, (as do the other visuals in the sky, but to a much greater extent) the promise of NEVER AGAIN WILL WE BE THE SAME. The time has come now for a SHIFT of such an immense magnitude, that nothing, NOTHING will ever be the way it was before. It is important to note that the symbols and “happenings” in the sky are not unmoving or constant; they move, change shape, and put on QUITE a Show!

The FEELINGS that accompany this SHOW in the sky are almost beyond description. There is a palpable energy, like none we've ever felt, that permeates the air, the sky, and our Being. Although it is mostly quiet, there exists a “buzz” or “hum” that accompanies these displays. To the human ear, much isn't discernible, but to the Soul, there is much to be heard. We are being fed a continuous stream of information, much of which we have already, but has been lying dormant within the depths of our souls. This stream of information and TRUTH is effortlessly flowing into each of we stand before the sky, absorbing all that IS. Again, although the sights and sounds and FEELINGS that we experience during The Event are mind-boggling, we find that they carry a sense of familiarity with them that soothes and calms us, as we KNOW, this is IT. We have reached the “time” we've been forever waiting for.

During The Event, which according to my visions and dreams lasts for many nights, these messages, sights and insights shared with us are undoubtedly coming from sources outside of our current reality. The Beings that are putting on the Show are our off-world Brothers and Sisters. Their ships accompany their SHOW, although they remain in our skies throughout The Event. Landings seems to occur after we have had time to internally process what we are experiencing. It is my belief that the landings will occur, and that they will happen in perfect timing: when we are ready.

Throughout the years, the visions and dreams have been reoccurring. Some aspects of them change, while others remain constant. All that I have written above has remained the same, as does the FEELING that I experience right before the Event occurs. For one, I, in all the dreams and visions, seem to have been gifted with the knowledge that the Event is to begin soon, much before most others sense its arrival is imminent. This gives me time to prepare and gather the necessities I and my family will need to survive the events that follow. The following are aspects that have not remained the same in the visions and dreams. My location at the time of The Event varies. During one dream, I was watching this miraculous Event from the roof of a house. In another, I was standing in a very tall building, on one of its highest floors, looking out the window. In this dream, I sensed the coming of the Event, and as I did, although it was a warm summer day, the sky turned dark suddenly and it began to snow. The FEELING that the Event was about to begin was undeniable, so I proceeded to gather people (who were already starting to panic) from the building down through its many floors and out into an open field. Hundreds were then gathered in a tightly knit mass to observe and experience the wonders that came. In yet another vision, I was gathered with many of my soul brothers and sisters, near a body of water...awaiting the Show to begin. In this instance, when the show began, and because of the highly elevated frequencies my companions and I were holding, we were completely connected to the Beings who were communicating with us. Our connection was direct and intense; our communications both telepathic in nature and profound in the information being exchanged. We were “at work” so-to-speak, as first-wavers it was our job to be the conduit through which the information was being relayed. It was our mission to integrate and absorb what we were being taught, so that we could then carry it forth to the masses.

As to the “when” The Event is to occur, I can only say this: if we, the Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Ground Crew, etc...continue to evolve and raise our collective vibration, we will have the honor of experiencing The Event. The “when” is completely dependent on our own inner and collective work. The sooner we reach and are able to hold the higher frequencies required of us to trigger the Event, the sooner it will take place. They (the Beings who will offer this display for our advancement) are poised and ready for us to experience The Event. They are waiting for US.

So, I ask you, how much do you desire it? How much does your heart and soul and yearn for it? And most importantly, what are you doing, in all possible ways, to prepare yourself for it? As my dreams and visions reveal themselves, I will continue to update you with regard to any messages I receive that may help us bring forth that which we so desire. Stay centered. Stay grounded. Love yourself and all others in each and every moment. Release any lower vibrational emotions, experiences and thoughts as soon as you recognize you are experiencing them. Transmute them. BE LOVE! With Deep Respect and Unconditional Love for ALL,

Joi (Moonbaby)

Art by: Fabian Jimenez

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