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The Agenda

Since they were created, the Formless Ones have been at war! At war with themselves and at war with all others that they come into contact with. Theirs is deep anger, a sense of abandonment, a feeling of rejection that no amount of care or counseling in a normal situation can alter.

The reason we state this is because the Over-Soul that created them had the same sense of abandonment, rejection, and despair within itself when initially creating the planet and the Formless Ones.

So we wish to point out a non-negotiable fact, that it is in their DNA, to be entirely disregarding of life, free will, of any other subject matter. Their only reason for being, currently, is to ensure that they prove to themselves that they are the masters of the universe they wish to create.

They are unpleasant-natured beings that would rather tear you and your world apart than see you well.

They intend to inflict as much pain, despair, depression, anxiety, lack, fear, and so on into every corner of the Conscious Multiverse as they can.

They have a time limit on this. You see without regenerating the bodies that they have created for themselves out of pain and death, they will return to a formless matter of being. They will return to the state of being fluid, seething, self-destroying energy that even they are afraid of.

To this end, they have devised a battle plan. This plan is brilliant as it involves not only their own means of being but also the hope, the entire ‘buy-in’ of the species of the universe. They are hoping for a mass gullibility of all the planets and the beings upon those planets.

Now you may say that this is not intelligent, and we would disagree. Why, you ask us, well, because many of you are already well and truly hooked into their teachings, beliefs, and way of acceptance of reality.

Yes, even those of you who are ‘awake.’

Do we offend you?

Do we make you think that this is too simple, too extreme, too fictional?

Is it easier to believe that Lyrans are cute cat-like people that you can play with, that they are covered in fur that you can stroke? Can you perhaps believe then, that they are sentient beings, humanoid, like yourselves who are in a fight to regain their home, dignity, and honor?

Dear Reader, this agenda that they, the Formless Ones/Draconian’s have put into place is to allow you to gather as much information on them as possible. To buy into the belief of fear, that they are this formidable enemy that is able to devour you at will.

(Yes, there are species of ET’s that do feast on the flesh of humans, they hunt them as prey and treat you as you manage your own cattle and other livestock here. Perhaps we will look at these beings in a different book.)

The Formless Ones have infiltrated your places of power. They have inbred into the ‘power families’ of your planet. They have brought disorder into many of the regions of your planet's rulers, and all this is done with the full permission of humanity. There are weak and fearful humans that when given a chance to have ‘eternal power,’ a power that will take them beyond this world and into the next! They are gullible enough to believe what is said. They do not challenge the messenger nor do they stop to think of the principles of the agreement. That they are selling or rather sacrificing their life-force, the life-force of their offspring for all generations until an individual awakens and refutes this agreement, thus breaking the bloodline clause and stepping into their own freedom. What we have shared in these last few paragraphs, many of you already are aware of, and this is ‘nothing new,’ and you would be correct in that statement.

What is new, dear ones is the fact that the Formless Ones are using the humans that work in the arena of ‘LightWorker’ to spread their false belief systems! They have created many ‘landing sites’ full of enticing glistening tools, easy and free options. They have infiltrated the very bastion that you hold ‘dear’ and ‘sacred’ and are bringing in ‘new’ sacred teachings, ‘new’ ancient star beings.

They are creating small guru’s and surrounding them with humans, who do not like to do research but will open their souls up to any new information that appears. Many humans are genuinely attempting to find a higher energy lifestyle, they want to evolve, to become the awakened beings that they feel deep within themselves. Unfortunately, there are far too many others that will glibly give away their power, in favor of following a leader, following a teacher, or guru without question.

For clarity's sake, we will now cover the obvious point that you are all thinking about right now. Is this article, that you are reading and the information within, such a tool to lull you into a sense of agreement or wonder, and hook you into a false sense of being.

We tell you in the integrity that we are, that this is the truth.

This is a disclosure. A means of informing you the reader of the things you may not have been aware of. While a trickster may also do the same, we invite, no we recommend, you tap into your own self-awareness, your intuition and allow your highest self to communicate with you on this matter.

The Agenda of the Formless Ones is to gain as much access to Terra-Ven-Eiliesh-Gaina via her children, yourselves, and then feed on her Heart Crystal. This is to sustain themselves on the vibration deep within her and then leave the planet a husk. Barren and desolate like so many in the Galaxy.

They have, as we said, already gained inside access to the mining, drilling, and deep-sea exploration organizations around your planet. Even the organizations that seem to be ‘fighting the good fight against the evil corporations.

Remember humans, that these Formless Ones have been studying you and your planet for millions of years. They know how to create the worst forms of duality in your understanding and lives so that they can play you off on the drama. This energy of drama is channeled to them energetically and is giving them a source of nourishment.

They have manipulated the media, the governments, the private organizations of assistance, they have created a vortex of energy around the ‘good’ and ‘evil’ in your world that you are not even aware that you are hooked into their game plan.

At the same time, they are stepping up the movement on abductions, experimentations on human subjects.

They are no longer subtle in this.

Louise Reiss James, The Lyran Disclosure: The Agenda


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