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The Agenda

Since they were created, the Formless Ones have been at war! At war with themselves and at war with all others that they come into contact with. Theirs is deep anger, a sense of abandonment, a feeling of rejection that no amount of care or counseling in a normal situation can alter.

The reason we state this is because the Over-Soul that created them had the same sense of abandonment, rejection, and despair within itself when initially creating the planet and the Formless Ones.

So we wish to point out a non-negotiable fact, that it is in their DNA, to be entirely disregarding of life, free will, of any other subject matter. Their only reason for being, currently, is to ensure that they prove to themselves that they are the masters of the universe they wish to create.

They are unpleasant-natured beings that would rather tear you and your world apart than see you well.

They intend to inflict as much pain, despair, depression, anxiety, lack, fear, and so on into every corner of the Conscious Multiverse as they can.

They have a time limit on this. You see without regenerating the bodies that they have created for themselves out of pain and death, they will return to a formless matter of being. They will return to the state of being fluid, seething, self-destroying energy that even they are afraid of.

To this end, they have devised a battle plan. This plan is brilliant as it involves not only their own means of being but also the hope, the entire ‘buy-in’ of the species of the universe. They are hoping for a mass gullibility of all the planets and the beings upon those planets.

Now you may say that this is not intelligent, and we would disagree. Why, you ask us, well, because many of you are already well and truly hooked into their teachings, beliefs, and way of acceptance of reality.

Yes, even those of you who are ‘awake.’

Do we offend you?

Do we make you think that this is too simple, too extreme, too fictional?

Is it easier to believe that Lyrans are cute cat-like people that you can play with, that they are covered in fur that you can stroke? Can you perhaps believe then, that they are sentient beings, humanoid, like yourselves who are in a fight to regain their home, dignity, and honor?

Dear Reader, this agenda that they, the Formless Ones/Draconian’s have put into place is to allow you to gather as much information on them as possible. To buy into the belief of fear, that they are this formidable enemy that is able to devour you at will.

(Yes, there are species of ET’s that do feast on the flesh of humans, they hunt them as prey and treat you as you manage your own cattle and other livestock here. Perhaps we will look at these beings in a different book.)

The Formless Ones have infiltrated your places of power. They have inbred into the ‘power families’ of your planet. They have brought disorder into many of the regions of your planet's rulers, and all this is done with the full