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That Something Big This Way Comes

By: Ramona Lappin 🦋

Time to buckle up butterflies! Looks like it's getting hot down here. Last week we had two explosive CME's that caused each a MASSIVE all round solar halo ejections, luckily non earth facing. If they had been Earth facing we'd be without electric Grid right now and nothing would work. Well the sunspots that were responsible for these are coming around earth facing now. Ever since the 13th there's been an uptick in solar flares, mainly B-class but it's developed into what to me seems and feels like a constant/ consistent B-class solar flare base line and we can now VERY likely expect to see another increase into much bigger flares. NASA has a warning out too about this new group of sunspots coming into view.

I'm not too enthusiastic about it ever since the explosions from last week left me with four days of migraines, nausea and other fun ascension symptoms. At the very least we can expect an amplification of Clearings, Activations and especially Plasma Lightbody Upgrades!!! But I'm feeling this is acting like a trigger to much greater unfoldments and a sequence of events taking place. It's feeling rather explosive in a very calm way. You may already feel the shift in reality that is taking place, where all seems much more crystalline, more surreal, feels different, that kind of thing. You may feel more like your True Self yet different, more grounded and balanced. You may be aware of quantum jumps becoming more and more possible now, it's the new normal, no-thing feels set. Every decision is starting to feel like it has more weight, we can sense that if we make certain choices it's like turning the right key in a mechanism, it will catapult us forward. Like there's ore potential of great change and shifts taking place because it is!

The msg has been that everything is about to change (again) and to BE READY FOR ANYTHING! I even had some remaining survival fears come up to be transcended and I'm also sensing Amageddon programming and bleed through from other timelines where catastrophic events happened (in truth all happening parallel), coming up to be cleared. When it's out time it's our time and nothing anyone can do about it. We are Eternal and transcending fear of death and transcending our attachments to the manifest / material world is necessary for Ascension! So this comes with the task at hand. There's been more collective fear that needed transmuting as globally we can feel we're nearing the boiling point or rather Zero Point. It's both. All is culminating. ALL IS MERGING, blending and reorganizing. The Polarities become amplified just before the levelling out/ Zero Pointing.

It's extra important right now to look after yourself first, just like putting on the oxygen mask on yourself first when in an airplane. We are here to anchor and hold Frequency first and foremost and there's a lot to anchor right now. It's taking more time than usual right now to anchor, transmute, clear and work with the energy and Frequencies incoming, also as many of us are busy working with the Grids and other Planetary and timeline projects to get everything done and ready. It's also super important to keep our fields sovereign and clear as so much negative energy, entities and beings are being cleared and this simultaneously is gets more noticeable too as the veils get thinner and thinner. I'm guided to spend much time in quiet and within, working on the job at hand and getting things ready for the great switch over! Now I see why I was guided to take it easier the week prior, I'm already pretty tired again. Now it's important to have fun whilst we follow our callings and keep balancing all out, keep coming back to centre and to keep charging up. Yet we also just want to get the job done and the easiest and most effective way to do this is by raising our Frequency and anchor this into the Grids. So as irony will have it, FUN IS KEY! 🤪

IT'S ALL COMING TOGETHER!! So many layers. So much unfolding. So much culminating. Hold steady, keep jumping, BE BRAVE, speak your Truth, hold the light and keep opening up to ever greater levels of Divine Love as it open us up wiiiddeee and our Heart is our key to Ascension!! Very strong Diamond Light Activations unfolding that are also activating our Sacred Crystal Hearts further. You may experience Heart palpitations, aches and pains around the heart area. Profound Monadic merge unfolding and Divine (Inner) Union energies are supporting our transformation. Heart twinning/ expansion sensations, neck and shoulder aches, nausea, dehydration, headaches, sensitive digestive system, sacral and solar plexus clearings and Activations, high pitched sounds, ear and head pressure, tooth ache/ sensitivity, feeling overall more balanced and easier to clear remaining density, more insight's into life lessons and remaining distortions to clear, remaining inner conflict becomes amplified so it can be resolved etc etc .. Ascension symptoms too many to mention in this post, always check with your body's natural intelligence of what it needs and when to seek extra support. Nature is the best medicine and helps us balance as the magnetics and all shifts. Plenty of extra hydration is recommended as well as body stretching, yoga, body movement so no energy gets stuck in the body.

No giving in to any scare, fear mongering or bullying tactics. We continue to hold firm and strong and unwavering amidst the constant push back and interference we had to endure.


Nothing can stop us once we truly believe in ourselves, with FULL CONFIDENCE (this is key!!!) in our abilities, gifts and following our own inner knowing above all else. We will know what we need to know, when we need to know it.

What's next seems to be wide open.



I'm seeing what looks like the point of the needle.

Like we have to navigate starship Earth through a teeny tiny portal of light.

So it's going to take full focus to bring this baby home!

Remember we are here to hold the balance, the Peace, the calm through the storm.


As ONE 💙

With higher Heart-Minds wiiiddeee open! Yeeehhaaaa!!! 🥳

Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 🦋


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