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Testimonial~Custom Plasma Elixer

By: Roxie H.

I ordered a special plasma colloidal elixir from the First Contact Ground Crew Team and have had life changing results, not to mention they did a spectacular job finding the right combination to fit to my energetic and body requirements. I could feel the energy of my package before I even opened it.

Once I took it, it immediately started taking effect and I felt lighter, more connected to source, I could differentiate my own inner voice from that of the collective. I was able to better connect to the present moment.

Within one week of taking it and integrating them the copper had helped my circulation and breathing and my varicose veins that have progressively gotten worse over the year had started going away. The silver has also increased my immune response. Once I noticed the veins coming back and the varicose veins leaving I had decided to take before and after pictures to prove it’s effect. This is 2 days difference.






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