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Testimonial ~ Mike

Mom, it hit me again today just how much you loved everyone one of us. You loved us more than we knew how to love ourselves. What you took on daily for us and for humanity are things most of us, honestly wouldn't do for our next door neighbor.

And you really didn't want much in return, you wanted us to return that love to others around us.

I was reminded today too of the last Christmas live stream where we all called in to wish you a Merry Christmas. You didn't need to hear a whole essay. All we had to do was say Thanks and you returned in that moment more than we could give back. All in a chat, comment boxes on Facebook.

You showed us love in places we didn't know were there. Thank you so much for what you did. I am so sorry you physically suffered but now you are even more omnipresent even if sometimes we wish you were still here in the physical.

Now you see me in my quiet moments.Even though I wish you were still in person I am grateful I found you at all.



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