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Testimonial ~ KP

I attended the Ring of light Gene key class today and with one of my keys being 11, it resonated a lot with me. I've been staying in the background and not really speaking out verbally probably because of part of this gene key. I totally relate to being ultra gullible. I tend to see things through Rose colored glasses. And always try to believe and think the best of people and that if they're telling me something that they're worth believing,... so needless to say family members close to me laugh at me a lot because I don't get their jokes because I tend to be literal. I want to believe what they're telling me is true and not just taking me for a ride. I want somebody to be authentic with me and real. My current partner used to call me Karyn with a Y who asks WHY...

I felt you see me tonight and I wanted to thank you for seeing me. It must be hard being on your side and talking wondering if people are hearing you. I have to tell you that your words are very thoughtful, they resonate with me a lot. And I want to thank you for everything that you are doing. You're giving a lot of yourself and I am growing from it. I've been following this channel since probably when you guys established this channel. I was led here by someone sharing content from your channel that vibed w me. I started joining the late night chats and had my mind blown several times early on. Heard the love from Dylan, you, and others. Rob was a guest explaining etheric surgery. I took notes every time I joined. 😎 So much info!

So here we are 6 months later and I try to join your morning sessions when I can. Love listening to Zach share his voice recordings throughout the evenings.. love the people, the community here.

I want to share w you that I belonged to a large Church that was like no other that I had ever been to in my life. I started going when my first husband decided that his life purpose was not to be w me. Single mom at 31 w 3 little kids whom I love like crazy. 1998. I was not raised in a church so attending this church was very relieving because it was basically come as You are, you are loved unconditionally, there is nothing you have to do except show up. And everything that you guys have taught aligns with everything that they taught and I'm so grateful for that. Except they inferred that Jesus was man lol.

So just wanted to share a little bit of myself w you and say "hi, it's me!" Appreciate all of your support and encouragement and all of your unconditional acceptance and love. See you sometime soon! 🙏💕😇🌸


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