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Starseeds Stay Strong, Know You Are Fulfilling the Task

By: Grace Solaris

Starseeds stay strong know your are fulfilling the task. Do not succumb to the numbing and alluring you into loosing track and trust in the plan. You know why you are here. Each of you are playing different roles and are positioned exactly where you are needed. You are each positioned at energetic strategic positions where you are aligned to your galactic affiliates and stellar monad. You hold important keys thru your galactic imprint, that creates starportals thru which the galactic codes and plasma is enabled to pour in. This is some of your major tasks, but it can leave you somewhat worn out at times as you transduce and conduct these energies into the earth´s grid. Currently and in addition to this, there is a great escalation in the transmutation of your cellular make-up from carbon to silicon based. Some of you are further in this process than others depending on how much emotional luggage you have ridded yourself of and thus raised in vibration. This transmutation which is gradual and ongoing is making you lighter as your cells start to vibrate on ever higher frequencies and so the density in your body, your skeleton is literally "broken up"... in other words you become more fluid as you are turning more and more into 5th dimensional plasma beings similar to your cetecean family, the dolphin and whales. This again activates the kundalini flow in your body, which activates the star gateways in your body, which again ignites your galactic keys and codes. This can cause pain in the denser part of the skeleton around joints, typically in hips, knees, tailbone or other important joints. Take this as an evidence of the advancement of your transmutation into a crystaline being which goes hand in hand with the development of your merkabah.

Many of you are starting to wake up to the next leg of your mission and your particular role, now that humanity is on the verge of a quantum mass awakening. Nothing is as it seems. Do not buy into the collective narrative psyops currently playing out on the world stage. Be diligent, do not let yourself be distracted. Keep your focus and vibration high commanders of light. The current state of affairs is staged to abstract you and cause trauma and fear in the collective body on one side, however it is allowedt to happen to cause the much needed awakening and removal of the 1% swamp. Stay strong in your light as the beacons of light, the great starportals you came here to be. Nothing can harm you when you hold this frequency and purity alive. You are the creator of your reality. No one and nothing else but you. Own this truth, BE in this galactic knowing, which is you just remembering and owning who you truly are. You are invincible and indestructible. Hold on and shine bright in your true light. You are love incarnate, stars of immense magnitude and might.

Grace Solaris

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