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By: Aita Channeling Her Higher Self

It is July of 2021, and now starseeds, are truly awakening to who and what they are. You, our dear wayshowers, our wonderful representatives on planet earth today, are awakening to the truth of your magnificence.

Who are starseeds? They are extremely sensitive and empathetic beings who function at a higher vibration of love than does the average human being.

Many starseeds have experienced life on other less dense planets. Some have not visited the material realm before, but came straight from their heavenly existence of love and light, of union with all that is.

Can you imagine what a difficult time they had, you had, in this dark and negatively oriented world. You, our dear ones, are of a higher frequency than the majority of mankind. You radiate love. You are extremely sensitive and empathetic. You sense the emotions of those around you as if they were your own.

You starseeds are a group of souls that have incarnated on earth during this time of planetary transition into a new and higher level of awareness, a new and love based reality.

You radiate love and light. As you awaken, your positive energy is changing the earth’s holographic field. That is what you came to earth to do, to shift planet earth and humanity into a higher consciousness by, collectively, creating a grid of positive energy that will change the earth’s holographic field.

Our dear starseeds it is your time to shine. It is your job now to help humanity. And you do so just by being here on earth and collectively radiating the christ consciousness that you now embody.

Hitherto, in your earthly journey you have had a challenging time. As a child you truly did not fit in with other children. You felt you were not at home on earth. You are very sensitive and empathetic and you felt the emotions of others.

You tended to be alone, for you found it hard to connect with your human brethren who had such different interests, such fearful thoughts. And yet, in many ways you were a people person, for when you could connect, you loved company.

You were considered to be strange by your human peers, you couldn’t fit into society, you were misinterpreted and lonely. You did not have many friends for, from your higher level of vibration, there were not many people you could relate to.

You were of a kinder, a more loving vibration, and you could not understand the narcissistic humans who poked and prodded at you with their words and deeds, who took advantage of your kindness.

Your purpose in life is to be of service to those around you, to help where you can. You set very high standards for yourself and are constantly concerned in case you have said or done anything to upset your brethren.

And your kindness, your concern was taken as weakness. You were harassed and put down for your empathy. Your humility and meekness were taken as a lack of strength.

And this lifetime of intimidation and persecution has made it hard for you to step forward, to speak your truth. And yet you truly, deeply want intimacy, authenticity, honest connection, communion and camaraderie.

You do not relate to the superficial relationships, the lack of honesty, the deceit that are the norm in the third dimensional, fear filled world.

You are a hunter, a seeker of spirituality. You are deeply interested in things of the spirit. You are mostly thinking about spiritual issues, reading spiritual books, researching spirituality. You are committed to your own self growth and that of those around you.

And, you have been through a powerful spiritual awakening. You now see the truth of the deception perception of mankind. You can see how they, and you, have been programmed.

Each day now as the loving energy of divinity pervades the earth, you feel more love, more light, more exuberance. And you shine that light beautifully on those around you. And, the wonder of it is that the best is yet to come.

Yes indeed, we are very grateful and most appreciative of what we are, where we are and what we know. And we know, that as we ascend into the new and holy vibration, the best times are yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self. We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.


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