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Spiritual Exhaustion by Julie Severn

Messages from the Soul Collective

March 22, 2022

Spiritual Exhaustion

By Julie Severn

Good morning Beautiful Souls!

How are you today? Are you tired? Are you exhausted? Are you ready?

You are tired! Rest.

You have been tried, you have been challenged to find your spirit and you are doing it! Just know that this is all happening in order that you find your Godself and activate it.

Certain factions in the world would have you think that there is a war, there is a takeover of your world and that you are being harmed. This is not true, you are being saved.

You are tired! Rest.

For the past 2,000 years the world has been in utter chaos, learning quickly what must be learned, awakening the spirit with a fury and learning how to survive in a world of flames.

This time period has literally been your period of grace to allow you to find yourself, heal yourself and learn how to take your power.

This last few years has been all about the magic of you, realizing what you are able to accomplish with your power and what you are able to see for yourself.

Having said this, are you aware of this energy on the planet and are you also aware that the dragon has awakened and this period of grace is over, now you will move into a period of love, healing, resources from within as well as a strong time of the world finding its inner glory again.

The dragon has burned the darkness away, the light is in the distance and it is moving forward faster and faster into your reality.

You are tired! Rest.

The mental and emotional strain you have experienced in your lifetimes has taken its toll, it is a time now to take your rest, feel your exhaustion and just allow your feelings to overtake you into a lull of peace and healing.

This time of rest is vital in this now, you are ramping yourself up for the next level of energy, 5D, a new awakening and more inner knowing that you could ever imagine. You are being prepared for this and it is a beautiful synergy of so much love for you and of you.

You have permission to feel your feelings, feel your exhaustion and know that being tired from this, of this and about this is normal in this now. It is how all in the world are feeling, and it is almost over.

This is also a time of realizing your own weakness and working with it. Finding what you feel is not strong and honing it to a strength that will allow you to handle any obstacle in your path.

All of this is happening inside of you in this now and it is time to just allow it and not worry any longer.

Did you realize that this last two years has been all about you finding yourself and your Godself? It was nothing more than that.

The world went into chaos and through that chaos there has been a global awakening of the masses into light, it was a part of the plan the whole time. Find your power, move into it, see the light and see what is really happening.

The light won, it is truly just being played out in front of you while you watch and wonder at what is really happening. The blue flame burns away the darkness!

You are tired! Rest. Relax. Love yourself. Be tired and let yourself sleep with peace and tranquility.

What you have done is epic! What you are doing is epic! And you are not aware of doing it and that is even more epic! As you sleep at night, you are being healed, you are being changed and it is happening in real time. Go to sleep and intend to heal, intend to find your higher self and intend to work with God at night.

You are tired! Rest. Sleep. Feel your feelings and let yourself continue to heal.

You are just tired! It is good. You have held the energy for so long, let it go and let those true blue feelings come through.

It is almost over and you have made it. Pat yourself on the back and then know that God is activated within you and that means everything in this now.

You are tired! Just rest and trust. It is time!

I love you with my whole heart

Julie Severn

March 22, 2022


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