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Goddess Sophia is in the process of coming out of exile as she continues to embrace the ones who remember her...want to get to know her...and realize the importance of the feminine and Goddess at this time. Her exile out of the Pleroma (the exile of the Feminine) had been the start of the suffering of the world.

Unfortunately we are still dealing with the sufferings of indoctrination...especially amongst the ones still stuck in the fundamental religion and Christian ways...who have no problem praising the masculine aspect of a "Jesus" and also at the same time...taking the focus off of the importance of Goddess and the Feminine to keep us in the dark ages by the ones fulfilling that indoctrination for power and to further keep those ones in power who want it. Even while they hold the Virgin Mary in admiration (which is a form of Goddess Worship)...they still have no clue what she actually represents...while at the same time downgrading the importance of the Sacred Feminine.

I think it's absolutely beautiful how the masculine and the feminine are going out of their way to raise the true meaning of Goddess. Sophia hears the wooing and the upmost respect and admiration you have for her...and for the ones who radiate her light...that's men and women both. This is the divine mystery which we must interpret. Until one can truly understand this instead of further exiling her...she won't enter their hearts in the profound way it's meant to enter their hearts. Those that mistakenly take Sophia for a myth literally "abuse" themselves. She is a substance...a Hypostasis of the divine.

Her joys and sufferings are real. Rejoicing (enjoying) and suffering in her, she suffers and rejoices in us. Fallen like her and with her...we will be with her and like her reintegrated in the Unity.

She interests us greatly...and it should interest us. Her story is our own and the Tragedy in which she is the heroine plays out with our blood and our tears.

Love is not without an object to love...the object which is loved...will be the prey of this love.

True understanding comes from Knowledge and not Faith. Faith without Knowledge is a dead end. Knowledge resolves (summarizes) itself in Love. It doesn't preach hate or prejudice against any kind of worship as long as it brings ourselves back into balance...our birthrights of carrying feminine and masculine principles.

And Love is like an abducting powerfully attacks the Loved and transports him to the place (home) of desire.

She loves and takes pleasure in what she loves. And she loves those who seek to bring her out of exile. Yeshua was one of them. Through his sacrifices we have the ability to do as he did and to understand as he did...have the Christ Head like he did.

May we all reach the Gods and Goddesses we are meant to a world that continues to struggle in the old dogmatic ways...

-Teia Tephi Magdalena

Artist IG:@_tillytheartist


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