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She’s Opening Her Phoenix Code.

She’s Opening Her Phoenix Code. That is because she’s ignited a Sacred fire inside her that holds the fire of the sun. It’s burning to ashes all that is untrue in her life. No one else but she herself can now shine the light to who she’s becoming. She’s always looked for mentors and idols to emulate. Not any more. She’s evolving into a woman who is unique. No one in her world really fits the template for who she is becoming. Her path is singular, specially laid out for her. She’s realising that at this time she has to fall back on herself to mould, forge and craft her new self. She did have heroines and heroes in her life, but the more she’s maturing, the more she’s acknowledging her own awesomeness. This is new for her, re-creating herself from her own example. Her work with ending the cycle of victimhood and coming into a deep honouring of herself, is birthing this new being. This time round, her imagination is powerfully by her side, showing her who she truly is. She’s living in times of transition, and she’s excitedly stepping into this unfamiliar journey that is beyond standards, beyond regular & normal. Even beyond ideal. If she needs a teacher or mentor now, she’s choosing the one who will teach her how to tend her own sacred fire. The key to owning all of herself, is to be her own source. She’s remembering the art of reincarnating in the same body. The more she stands in her own singularity, the better she fits into her world. Creator and Author. Mike Harrigan. I Am. You Are. We Are. Oneness. Global Consciousness..


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