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September 2022 Energy Report

By: Jennifer Hoffman


The month of September is a relief from the relentless energies of June through August and it’s a chance for us to regather, regroup, refresh, reconsider, renew, release, re-vibe, and re-vision – all of the ‘re’ words since we have a Mercury retrograde this month, as well as the spiritual pilgrimage that will be a big theme in September.

It’s going to bring some relief along with more of the release and recalibration of energies that we have seen all year and for the past two years. Let’s talk about the energies of September in this week’s article, the September 2022 Energy Report.

It’s a new month with new opportunities but don’t be so quick to lay down the burdens of the past few months because they are what you are going to be working with all month. In particular, the divine action mantra of August – “I AM I CAN I WILL’ becomes our action plan for September. The energy theme for September is “It’s time to shine” and my thoughts on this topic may surprise you but I think you’ll agree that we have hidden, dimmed, and blocked our lights long enough. We are ready to go and to glow.

September has some unique energy aspects and it’s a step in a new direction as well as a pilgrimage of spiritual initiation that moves us into new areas of spiritual awareness and understanding. You do not have to look far to see examples of 5D everywhere around you. Even in the darkest places the light of spiritual truth and justice is shining. And we can’t forget the Mercury retrograde this month which is going to remind us that taking extra care with our travel and communications is a good idea.

This month it’s time for action as we have a powerful Mars placement that is going to be helpful in initiating quick releases of what is no longer aligned with our intention and quick replacement with something else. I know a lot of astrologers tell you to go within, month after month, and take care of your inner work but I’m telling you the opposite. The time to go within is over and we need to stop retreating to our inner sanctums and start showing the world what we’ve got. How can we know if our healing work is completed if we never take action?

It’s a powerful month with a lot of potential and should we choose to undertake our pilgrimage, a journey of spiritual initiation, it may reveal new potentials that we never considered and provide a level of completion and closure that frees us from the bondage of karma, grief, guilt, shame, and our most powerful limiters.

September’s theme is ‘It is time to shine’ and I’m announcing that your time is here. It does not matter why you have been holding back or have been held back, a new paradigm of learning and teaching is necessary now. For the nearly 20 years that I have been a spiritual mentor, teacher, and guide, I have watched as many people came to the forefront and others were left out.

People who were blessed with powerful gifts, messages, and abilities could not seem to get into the spotlight and were relegated to standing in the wings.

I wondered about that and as I saw scores of people who did not deserve the accolades they were receiving becoming icons in their field.

People who built their businesses with work stolen from others (like my content thief Christine Kane), who abused their gifts, who took advantage of people, who said things that were not true, who pretended to channel spiritual beings and who built large cult followings, who appropriated native American teachings to the detriment of some of their followers whose blind trust led to their deaths, who manipulated weak, confused, and needy people into believing that they had all of the answers and they could have them too, for a hefty price.

In 2005 I said in a channeled message from Archangel Uriel that there would come a time when the teachers the world has celebrated would be replaced with new, compassionate, legitimate teachers and that time has come. The spiritual industry has become a media commodity that only a few select are chosen to participate in while gifted teachers, healers, authors, and way showers struggle. And that time is over. It is time to shine, to break free from the bonds of the Martyred Healer and the healing work that has bound our energy for decades in this lifetime and in countless past lifetimes, to claim our energetic sand shine our own light.

I have always said that every teacher has an audience and your audience is waiting for you. It is your time to shine so start glowing and get going.

September’s strong spiritual signature is best described by its numerology value of 6 (9th month and 2022 = 6, 9 + 6 = 15 and 1 + 5 – 6) , which is the descension, or spiritual energy descending. Did you think that this would happen when we reached the number 9, the number of completion? 9 signifies the end of a journey that takes on a spiritual context with the descension we get from number y. 9 is the reverse of 6 and it marks the end of a journey but our life journey becomes partnered with spirit at the number 6 and here we are.

On the numerology value line, we have the numbers 1 through 4 which are the beginning of our journey where we are grounding into our reality. Things get interesting as we reach the number 5, which is unsettled chaos, disruption, and dis-integration. With 6 we reach up to Source to bring energy down to our reality so we can build our spiritual energy container. We tried it on our own, which we experienced with the numbers 1 through 5 and we get to the chaos of the 5 and realize that we need more information and resources from a different source in order to move forward.

Our spiritual support comes from the number 6 but we have to open our hearts and our energy field to ask for and receive it. As Archangel Uriel says, ‘Participating in the third dimension is by invitation only.”

With 7 we are seeking the spiritual path and the integration of the spiritual energy we have just received.

8 brings us to the realization of ‘as above, so below’, that everything is connected and spiritually balanced. We achieve energetic congruence and divine harmony.

Then with 9 we complete the journey we started with the number 6, as 6 and 9 are mirrors of each other. If 6 is the beginning of our spiritual integration then 9 is its full embodiment into congruence and divine harmony. There you go, that is a little bit of numerology for you and I chose this example because it best describes our spiritual journey and our movement along that path for this month.

This opens the portal to the real beauty of September’s energy and that is the spiritual pilgrimage, a journey of spiritual initiation to gather up our various aspects and bring them back to wholeness and congruence. Not for the purpose of healing, we need to move on from that path. Instead, we need to move on into wholeness and congruence, so we can end healing cycles and endless forays into our karmic roles and instead, live life from the 5D paradigm of creation, connection, cooperation, collaboration, and community.

In shamanic circles this could be called a soul retrieval but it is not entirely the same thing. Shamanic soul retrievals focus on gathering energy that has been scattered through trauma. Then healing can begin.

Our spiritual pilgrimage has a very intentional focus of bringing our scattered energy back together for the express purpose of ascending into higher frequencies and potentials. We move beyond healing and into wholeness and congruence. We do not limit ourselves to healing, we want full completion and closure, this is the end of the 3D karmic paradigm and we are ready for joyful, joy-filled living.

The purpose of our spiritual pilgrimage is to create an understanding of our soul mission and life purpose with the option of expanding into a new 5D paradigm. But to prepare for the future we have to understand the past and for September, this means going back to August and December 2017 and early 2018 because this is when the pieces were put in place for this great adventure to unfold.

What has been a relentless theme in our lives for the past 5 years in particular? Changing the status quo, changing how we view ourselves and the world, moving from the inevitable path of karma and destiny to the self-determined path of creation and self-awareness.

Aligning ourselves with the unknown possibilities of our potential rather than doing what is expected of us.

Shifting our belief system from the victim conscious of the Martyred Healer to the victor paradigm of the Empowered Master.

In August 2017 we had a powerful total eclipse at 28 Leo which was called the ‘Great American Eclipse’ because its path crossed the continental US. On the date of that eclipse we had Mars at the same degree and Mercury retrograde in its ruling sign of Virgo. The stage was set for the future that is now.

Then we had the big Capricorn concentration in 2020 that included a Saturn/Pluto conjunction, that previously happened in 1518. Then Martin Luther protested the corruption and heresy of the church. What has become the new ‘religion’ which seeks to control our lives and what are we protesting now? History repeats itself.

The Saturn/Uranus square of 2020 and 2021 has not been easy either (depending on which side of the light you’re on), and it’s going to bless us with its final pass this month. There have been other big energy events like this year’s US Pluto return, Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which happened on April 12, a rare 151 year transit that always marks spiritual renewal.

And here we are with all of these events that have built a repertoire of energy and what do we do with it? We start putting it into use in our own lives by opening up to new potentials, setting our intention for joy, and taking intentional, inspired action. Remember nothing is absolute and you can allow for course correction if you are not 100% satisfied with what you are doing.

Do you remember how last month ended? With a powerful new moon on the 27th that was tough for everyone. I thought the last week or 10 days of August were particularly hard. So did many of you. And September opens with the energy echoes of that new moon so we’re prepared for what’s coming because we do have some tough aspects as well as some really wonderful aspects, including one that supports our spiritual pilgrimage this month.

We do have a Mercury retro in September, starting on the tenth and ending October 1 with the shadow period extending through October 15. The standard Mercury retro warnings apply – double check communications, add extra travel time, pay attention to where you put things, and do not sign or start anything important if you can avoid it or it may have to be re-done at a later date.

Now Mercury retro happens 3 or 4 times a year and lasts for 9 weeks with the shadow periods so you can’t stop your life for every Mercury retro but you do have to apply extra caution during these periods. This one is going to impact our relationships and shake out all of those pesky ones that are not bad enough for you to end but are also not that great. I think they will be ending now. Remember you do not have to do the release work, sometimes it is done for you (remember the karmic booms of July) and all you have to do is accept the endings.

I also have to mention the Saturn/Uranus square that comes around again this month and lasts for the next 2 months. This was a dominant energy of 2021 which is coming around for completion and it is going to bring relief, rebalancing, closure, and a lot of cleanup of outdated systems, corruption, embedded bureaucracies and paradigms that have long outlived their relevance to a world that is moving into 5D ascension integration.

I have been saying for months that we’re going to see this happening now and it is happening. Be prepared for change on an individual and a collective level. Saturn in Aquarius is supporting our 5D ascension integration and Uranus in Taurus is helping shake us out of our comfort zones. You can’t fight this so make changes as necessary. This is the final Saturn/Uranus square that we will see in these signs in our lifetime.

One of the most spiritual aspects I have seen in decades, ever since the Harmonic Concordance of August 1987 and the Harmonic Convergence of November 2003, happens in September and it is why I call this month a spiritual pilgrimage. We have the 4 aspects of spiritual initiation, the birth, trial, lesson, and enlightenment, represented by the 4 signs of spiritual learning – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Mercury and Venus will be in Virgo this month, Mars is in Gemini, and Jupiter in Aries brings in the Sagittarius energy and we have Neptune in Pisces with Jupiter and the Venus placement in Virgo after the 6th adds a special blessing to that energy. What a gift.

With Gemini we start on the karmic journey (think of the fool card in tarot) and travel to Virgo where we suffer and decide how we are going to experience the lesson. Then we travel to the higher learning and understanding of Sagittarius and finally to Pisces, where we achieve enlightenment. And all of that happens this month and supports our journey of spiritual initiation.

How does this happen and is it going to be easy? I mention that question because that is one thing that everyone wants to know – how easy it is going to be, how long it will take, and how much suffering or deprivation we are going to experience.

I think I can best describe the process of spiritual initiation that we usually take in a random and often accidental way by telling you about the time I decide to walk around Central Park in New York city. Listen to the podcast for that story, it is a great example of what happens when we decide to take a spiritual pilgrimage and how a journey that we start innocently and with the best of intentions can become quite the battle and we have to decide how we are going to continue.

With all of this activity going on how are we supposed to have time to shine, much less glow and build our energy empire? What do we do about our relationships and connections that are falling apart? How do we balance our ongoing light and energy work with shining our own light?

Remember we have so much support for a shift in the status quo and that is happening multi-dimensionally. Let your soul be your guide, listen to your angels and spirit guides, reach into the deepest recesses of your heart and find those old dreams and visions you put away because it was never the right time, you had too many commitments and obligations, you were too tired, or you were scared.

I also believe that the level of teaching that many of you have to share is more applicable to people today than it would have been two decades ago. For example, I never liked Sylvia Browne and never followed her but she was a good resource for people who were just learning about spirituality. I never cared for or trusted a lot of people who call themselves ‘spiritual teachers’, many of them operate under the umbrella of big publishing houses, and after watching Doreen Virtue’s recent inexplicable turnaround, I know I was right.

You know that you offer more than these people but for the world to be able to understand and to align with a higher level of teaching they must also have been awakened by others and when they have had enough of them, they will find you (that is, if you are visible and openly being the guide, mentor, teacher, and channel that you are). And I am not picking on the spiritual information industry here, this is prevalent in business training, coaching, publishing, marketing, and in every sector. It is time for a fresh start and a big change to weed out the teachers who are not honest, ethical, and relevant, and replace them with people who can operate at the 5D level.

September’s lunar activity is interesting too. On the 10th we have a full moon that is right on the node and Uranus so watch the sparks fly with that one. And the full moon on the 25th is close to Venus in Libra and happens on the day Mercury retros into Virgo with a strong Mars/Saturn trine (didn’t expect that one). So there is a lot of activity on that front too.

In all honesty I know that we are all tired and have processed so much energy, worked so hard, sacrificed so much, been so patient, and we are now ready for something else. The energy gaps between people who are seeking the light and those who choose the dark is getting wider too so expect to have more relationships and connections end as we can no longer support, hold energy for, or take a stand for those who are moving farther away from the light.

They have chosen for now and they need to live with the consequences of their choices as much as we need to honor those choices and move on. We cannot grow roots where we do not want to be planted. And we cannot expect others to embrace energy vibrations and frequencies they are not comfortable with and cannot maintain.

It’s a busy month and there is something new going on every day. You’ll see it in the world around you and you will see it in your own life. Try to avoid focusing on what you think is wrong in the world and instead, just shine your light. You do not know how important your light is to the collective. Do you remember the old fashioned Christmas lights that would not work if one bulb was out? Every bulb after the burned out one stayed dark. Who is missing the benefit of your light and energy if you do not shine?

The spiritual pilgrimage path is calling your name, will you make the journey? And if you have been extra tired the first few days of September, like me, which his why the September energy report is late to publication, you can blame it on the large energy downloads we are receiving to prepare us for this month. One other date that will be significant is September 11 and this year is the 21st anniversary of that fateful day when the world watch an act of global tyranny that cast a dark pall over the world and it is time for that pall to be lifted. It is September and it is time to shine. Have a wonderful month.


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