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Priority first is to Love yourself!

Loving yourself is one of the best investments you can make, and it is also your best course of action; this means taking care of yourself in thought, word, and deed. The deeds of loving yourself include taking good care of your body, both inside and out. If you want to be really healthy, wealthy, and wise, you must be fully present in your body to use it most effectively. Good health and proper body management are true signs of inner wealth and right thinking, and creating better health often equates to changing old habits. Most importantly, you must be willing to learn about how the body’s inner terrain functions. The body is highly adaptable; the genome is always actively engaged in responding to your requirements by changing and learning to perform new tasks in order to maintain the body’s operability.

Life-force energy sustains you, and the electromagnetic codes, the patterns for healing your body, are in your genes. Even though your thoughts and feelings have immense power to set energy into motion, on a physical level the cells of your body require tender loving care to maintain support of the physical system. Your cells, blood supply, and organs are all affected by the food you eat, the water you drink, the quality of the air you breathe, and the amount of your sunlight exposure. The more wholesome your diet and the more oxygen you bring into your system, the more vital your cells. Even though the body is highly adaptable and capable of successfully transmuting many toxic energies, your biological system will still thrive best in specific supportive conditions. Nature provides you with the very best life-sustaining energies; take more time to nurture your senses in nature—along with the incomparable gift of beauty, nature provides the abundance of plants and trees that produce food and oxygen filled with cosmic energy.

In physicality, your breath is the most direct method for exchanging energy with the cosmos, and it is also the link between cosmic forces and the intricate operations of your body’s neurological system. The quality of your breath is connected to the amount of breathing you do in natural sunlight. During the hours of daylight, you actually breathe in important information that is infused in the atmosphere. Good breathing habits are essential for clarity of mind, and when regularly applied, the results will always enhance your personal well-being. Remember to focus your attention on breathing consciously; this means paying attention to the process by directing your breath into the bottom of your lungs and moving the diaphragm out on the inhale, and in on the exhale. Find your rhythm and breathe. Over time the habit of shallow breathing, which is breathing into the upper lungs and chest only, slowly deprives the body of life-sustaining oxygen. Deep oxygenation restores your body’s vitality, and with specific practices it can also be used to clear away the emotional debris stored in the body.

On Earth, the tradition of honoring the practice of breath-awareness is timeless. Making a conscious connection with your breath focuses your attention into the present moment, where you can enjoy the experience of having a body. Bringing oxygen into every level of the body is one of the greatest pathways to vital health. However, activities to enhance your health must also be accompanied by beliefs in your own self-value; the purest oxygen and the best organic food alone will not heal a diseased body under siege by beliefs of unworthiness.

It is common knowledge that your body thrives on water, yet people often needlessly suffer mysterious pain and physical distress— constipation, sexual dysfunction, and migraine headaches—related to severe dehydration of the body. To function at optimum capacity, you must hydrate your system by drinking at least two quarts of good, clean, non-fluorinated water every day to refuel your cells and flush out any toxic materials. Water is also a conductor of electricity, and a well-hydrated body will more easily accommodate the increase of cosmic electromagnetic frequencies that must be integrated. You will sleep better and have much more energy when you drink plenty of water. No matter what beliefs you profess, a steady diet of fast foods, greasy fried foods, processed foods with chemical additives, sugar substitutes, and soda pop provides none of the nourishment required for optimum performance of your cells. Do not delude yourself into thinking that you can just “think good thoughts” and your body will be healthy, while you continue to eat nutritionally impoverished food. You must be practical with respect to the laws of physical reality. Can you think of yourself clean without taking a shower? Your body must utilize and process the quality and quantity of what you eat, and eventually, if you pour enough sludge into your system, it will clog up and stop working.

Barbara Marciniak, Path of empowerment


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