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Portal Wave Hitting Hard

It is 10/19/2021 the 2nd 10/10 portal of this grand ascension year! The 2nd wave of this month's 3 portal energy waves. This wave is hitting humanity straight into the heart. the golden energies of unconditional love pure truth and deep healing  Are instreaming on an intense level an intense level in these moments, for a proper integration of these high vibrational energies (O energies -angels added that one lol) we must stay centered in our heart, grounded within mother Earth And hydrated to be able to stay in the flow of the river of life.

This month, love is  Coming in like a wrecking ball to tear down all walls built around our hearts so we can let go of the misery pain and suffering attached to these and fill every brick with golden light of healing.

The 1st 1010 portal was 9 days ago, which is one full circle coming to an end today. It is a day for letting go and allowing new beginnings to enter our life. Say your good byes to everything within that does not resonate with love! Let it go into the wind of this golden October. The fruition of this circle, it's completion, is topped with a cherry with the full moon tomorrow.

Allow the pot to be stirred up, allow the instreaming energies to bring up the hidden depth, and allow prime source to fill you with this wave of heaven energies.

Deep hidden wounds are coming up for us all, not to run, but to stand firm in the peace of our heart, to fully feel through it to have our big break through! The levels of programming our mind took on seems undestroyable, but only for the EGO.

The angels are rehearting us, that they are right here with us in every yet so small baby step. No matter how lost we feel,in the black hole we allowed the mind to built, we are breathing, that means there IS a solution. As long as our heart is beating, we have a purpose on this Planet!

This purpose, when we are down at the bottom of your darkness, is sometimes as easy as finding back to a smile. NURISHING ourselves, is sometimes all we have to do to built us back up. That can be to cry, to give ourselves alone space and write, to go on a long walk, to listen to our favorite music and move it all out or to clean our environment and engage more in the community actions within our home.

This wave on energy, if not stopped by blocks of density, is a PUSH into full embodiment! Stay in right action and in the present moment of NOW, stay the observer and be aware of your energetics, do a portal ceremony, ride the wave, allow it to wash away all lower crap!


Laughter is healing for the soul, gratitude the wind under our wings and trust the fundament we built upon in love and the unknown ❤

~ Kat

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