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By: Nova Max

Dear Beloved Earthlings and Starseeds,

Planet Tierra is approching the First Wave of Ascension. In the following transmission, we will Explain the Major Shift at the Physical Level and Give further Instruction on the Sequences of Events (at the best of our capability), on How to properly Prepare and an Overview of What I was Shown we would Experience during the First Transition.

It will Be the First Of Three Powerful Waves of Light, The Third Being the Completion of The Ascension of the Whole Collective into the Fifth Density.

A Density is a separate Reality, a seperate Tone on the Harmonic.

Within Every Density Exists many Dimensions, which Reflects that Vibration of your Being.

You Are Within a Density,

Perceiving a certain Dimension,

which Is Unique to your current State of Consciousness,

Between Every Density Exist Walls of Light, Created to Protect the Power and Wisdom from Malicious Beings.

The Poles are Splitting as we Speak.

It is the Urgent Sign that the Magnetosphere is being weakened.

We are Approching the Poles Reversal.

In the next Weeks, we will experience the ascension of the First 144 000.

Depending on your Level of Consciousness, there will Be 16 Tinelines that will Open.

This mean we will all Experience Different Perceptives from the Same Reality.

The Days Before the First Solar,

There will Be Precise Instruction on How Things will Unfold. First make sure you have Water and Light Foods always for 3 to 7 Days, and Candles/Lighter For Light. It is Highly Advice to Avoid Dead Food, and Toxic Substance Days Prior. Also let your Love One Know not to Fear if the Power Shuts Fob

The Moment the Solar Wave will Touch Earth, the Earth will go into an Electromagnetic Nullzone, it will Stop his own Rotation.

There will Be 3 Days of Darkness,

No SunLight, No Internet and No Electricity. During those Three Days, the Planet will Undergo a Process of Mutation. The Speed of Rotation of The Electrons of All Matter will Reach Such A High State, It will Instantly Cause the Rearrangment of the Atomic Structure of Matter. The Carbone Structure will Be Atomically Charged Into Silica, which will Yield an Totally New Type of Reality, with a more Subtle and Less Dense Matter. The Earth will have Reach the Fourth Vibrationnal Density.

Many of Us will Instictively Fall into a Deep State of Meditation, We will Experience an Enormous Release of DimethylTryptamine fron our Pineal Gland for an Extensive amount of Time.

This will cause an Instant Out of Body Experience from which we will Ressurect into Pure Light.

Everyone will have a Unique Experience. Time will have seems to Stop, it will perceived much Longer then It was.

There will be a Major Reprogrammation of the Memory.

All Negative Memories of Pain and Suffering will Be Saved Within The Universal Recorder Cell or Akashic, Then Erased and Replace by Only the Positive Perception of your Past Lifes.

For the People that will not fall into Deep Sleep, It is Advice to Close your Windows, and not to Fear. There will Be a Cleansing of Parasite Entities, and as the Veil will Be Desacticated, we will See the Dark Spirits with Bare Eye. For this Reason, in the days Before, One should Surround his House will Sea Salts and Use any other Tools to Purify your Environement and Create Barriers.

We Repeat not to Fear, those Spirits will Be Harmless, as They Will Be Burning Under the Highly Charged Cosmic Particules.

After the 3rd Day, the Sun Will Rise with a New Light. There will Be Auroras in the Sky that will literally Be of Breathless Beauty. There will Occur an Emergency BroadCast System Worldwide. The White Alliance will Hijack the Planetary Communication System and BroadCast

3x8 hours of Court for many Days, Disclosing the Whole Truth for the Wolrd to Know.

It is said that during the Time of the Three Days, the 144 000 Co-Creator from The Throne will Be Taken Unto the MotherShip Jerusalem, They Will Be the First to Have their Body Harmonize with Their ChristOverSelf.

Those 3 Days On the Ship will Seems like 3 Years as Passed, even thought only 3 Days will. They will Be Teached to Use Their Power for the Highest Good Of All.

In the Days Following the 3 Days Of Darkness, The StarFleets of the Alliance will Publically Show Themself to the World, and Will Begin Broadcasting Message of Love and Hidden Knowledge on Huge Screen.

They will Disclos All Secrets and Explain the Earth is Becoming a Multi-Galactic Planet.

Over the Next Months, Hidden Advanced / ExtraTerrestrial Technologies will Be Given to the Public has their Due Right.

Free Energy, Anti-gravity Ships and much more. The Quantum Financial System will Be Activated and People will be Allow to go anywhere on Earth Freely. The Inner Earth will also Become Accessible for Whom Energitically Matches the Experience.

Life will Become a Pure Bliss,

A Creative Story of Never-Ending Possibilities. You will be Offer to Create AnyThing You Ever Dream Of, According to the Law Of FreeWill.

The Next Waves of Ascension will probably Follow in the manner of months. This Time, Over 2 to 3 Billions Starseeds and Wanderer will Ascension into the Fifth Dimension.

The Last Waves will Occur between 2025 and 2030, and Will Be the Last Opportunity before the Complete Shift Of Earth from the 4th Density into the 5th Density.

At this point, All Souls that didnt Reached the Necesarry Developpement will Be Discorporate and Reincarnated in other Planets according to their Own Soul Needs.

In order not to Infridge our FreeWill, many Details Cannot Be Foreseen,

A lot of Personnal Choices Need to Be Made in Order to Complete the Sequence of Events.

Know that the Timing mostly Depend on All Of Us.

You Are Creators,

You Have The Choice,

I Am Honored To Share This Fairy Tail

With All of You,

Together We Stand,

And Honor The Sacred Imperative of Life,

"Let There Be Light!

Let There Be Love!!

Let There Be Life!!"

We Love You So!

Nova Maxx 💙

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