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Pleiadian Initiations Of Light

As you begin to live toward a wholeness and truth, there is a new authenticity-not perfection, but commitment to the truth. You align with a new integrity in your life and experience great changes. The activation of your energetic blueprint that you are going to manifest will bring you into these alignments. It is time for you to open up to this full state of receivership. All of this is yours; it has always been here waiting for you. Your world will come to meet you as you align with the rhythm of the universe. Your heartbeat will begin aligning with the universal heartbeat. You will recognize Truth-not your truth but universal Truth.

This does not mean there will not be challenges along the way, but you will flow with these challenges and you will not be meeting them alone. You will experience a newly found strength and understanding for whatever your particular mission is on this earth plane. Living like this creates an enormous re-balancing on the earth plane, and you will be playing your part.

When you work with the heart's desire you automatically go with the flow. It is so important not to force anything into action. When it is the right direction and the right time you will experience things falling into place effortlessly. Where there is resistance, do not push or try to force a result. Simply let go, knowing that it is either not the time or simply not where you need to go. When an opportunity opens up, when the door opens, walk through. If you use this rule you will stay in the flow, and you will be taken where you need to go to move to your next step. You can trust it.

Don't be attached to how you are going to get to where you want to go, how it is going to look, or work out. Just trust! Let go of the mind and allow the heart to take you. The energy of the Self will divinely orchestrate your new life, as it does its job, manifesting your blueprint in your life.

The inspiration of Spirit is beyond what the human mind can know, recognize, or understand, so trust is a very important factor. It is imperative to develop trust within our humanness. The more you are willing to trust, the more Spirit can step forward and assist you in the miracle of your life. You cannot listen to Spirit one day, and not the next. You need to follow through on all directives given, so that you can be taken where you need to go to achieve your manifesting goal. There is no point in asking help from Spirit and then, when this guidance is given, choosing the steps that suit you but not following the others. This way will not get you to where you want to go. You need to follow completely or not at all. You must trust, or not-this is your choice moment by moment, step by step. Only you can find the answers for yourself. You do have help from the spiritual realms-tremendous help-and a constant love surrounding you.

It is up to you to continue to open up to this love through your heart, allow it to transform you, and heal you from lifetimes of pain. Allow an unlimited abundance of support and love into your life, and into the cell