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By: Amy Bird Astrology

As Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, there is a sense that this Full Moon is about release, surrender and fully letting go so that we can move onto the next phase, whatever that might be. We also have Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, sitting right next to the Moon, making the Pisces energy extra potent. Neptune is the planet of oneness, unity, spiritual connection, compassion and unconditional love. It is also the planet of confusion, illusion, smoke screens and sacrifice. As the Moon moves towards it’s peak we could experience feelings of emotional overwhelm, as if we are somehow at the mercy of forces larger than ourselves. However, we could also experience feelings of profound connection, unity and oneness, as Neptune dissolves our sense of separation. Pisces energy is very gentle, bringing out our more sensitive, receptive nature, so this Moon could help to to act and react from an empathetic, heart-centred space.

We are coming close to the end of Virgo season, as the Sun is getting ready to move into Libra on the Equinox, which is the day after the Full Moon. With the Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces, the emphasis is on health and healing, as Virgo connects us to our bodies and seeks to help others while Pisces is incredibly compassionate and intuitive. Both signs tend to put others before themselves. While Virgo can bring crisis and helps us to become aware of what might be out of alignment within our system, Pisces helps us to tune in and turn inward, so that we can truly listen and get a sense of where the issue may be coming from. While the Virgo part of us may tend to focus on the details and be quite self-critical and perfectionist, the Pisces part of us is much more accepting of any flaws and imperfections in ourselves and others. In the extreme, Virgo can be downright hypochondriacal, anxious and prone to extreme worry. Our inner Pisces, on the other hand, can tend to procrastinate and bury our heads in the sand, or numb out when the going gets tough.

However, Pisces is the part of us that is able to let go and go with the flow, totally trusting where the current is taking us. Virgo is helpful for discerning what is good for us, separating the wheat from the chaff, which balances out any Pisces tendencies to wear the rose-tinted spectacles and idealistically see what we want to see. With Neptune so involved in this Moon we are encouraged to develop faith and trust that we are heading in the right direction and to remember that we are all weathering the same storm, albeit in different boats. Instead of focusing on our differences we are urged to remember that we are all just human beings doing the best we can. There is so much division in the world at the moment, but this Moon could be really helpful for dissolving any boundaries and truly connecting to one another’s true essence, beyond the walls and supposed differences.

Mercury is getting ready to go retrograde in Libra, the sign of balance, relationship and equality, on the 28th. Mercury feels very present during this Moon as it is forming significant aspects with Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune. Mercury and Jupiter are forming a helpful, supportive trine with one another, helping us to balance Mercury’s rational intellect and capacity for reason with Jupiter’s intuitive, right-brained wisdom. We are encouraged to connect to our internal guidance system, the part of us that intuitively knows the truth even though we sometimes override it with our “logical” mind and our reason. This combination of Mercury, our logical mind and Jupiter, our higher wisdom, can help