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Perceived Through New Eyes

Step out of the divide and into the divine. Let Spirit show you the way home. At this moment you are at perfect peace; perfectly protected and guided by Spirit. We are here to show you a New World; one that is forming all around you.

You have arrived at your destination. Do you have Eyes to see it yet or are you playing in the divide?

The split in consciousness is being played out along the 3rd dimensional matrix as you ascend above it all. You have now begun to step away from the divide and into the Divine.

There is so much more coming than you could begin to possibly imagine. Are you able to view these old operating systems being toppled? They have become infected and obsolete. The new operating system currently being installed on your planet will set you free of the debt slavery of the past. Congratulations. You are now stepping out of the matrix and into a much fuller reality. Learn to view the world through the eyes of the heart and you will have perceived correctly. We are here to assist you in your ascension but not in the way you might think.

We have been where you are, and we remember how exciting and scary it can be at times. Just stay in the light. It is best not to be in the shadow of the giant when it falls. This is the perceived darkness you see being cast across the land.

This is the empire of old coming to a close as humanity is set free at long last. We are here to assist you in stepping out of the shadows and into the Light. It may take some time for your eyes to adjust to this light, but once you perceive this New World coming into focus you will weep for joy. These are the times that have been written about in your scriptures of old.

They foretold of a time when the darkness will be drawn into the light. The backdrop of darkness is no longer required upon your planet.

Now is the time of the Great Awakening and as more and more wake up this reality will come more into focus. These are magnificent times once perceived correctly. These are the times we have prayed for in our most desperate hour of need.

Here we have an example of one that walks in the Light with Spirit and is able to perceive what is occurring here. These days are becoming more and more heavenly as heaven and earth merge into one. Simply put, you are coming home. Mother earth is bringing her children into the Light and the darkness is being burned away.

So far, we have found that those who are willing to focus through their heart are the ones that can perceive correctly. We are showing you the movie version of the fallen empire. You have seen this before; you simply do not remember.

We are here to begin a dialogue for all who wish to open their third eye and perceive what is coming. That is the key. Correctly perceived, the world is viewed upside down. This is because the world has been operating that way. We are here to help you turn the world upside down so it may be perceived correctly at long last.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. It takes much courage to volunteer to come to a planet and assist as She gives birth to a New Consciousness. The hearts and minds of men and women across the globe are open, ready and receptive. They are ready to receive the gifts of love and freedom that have been denied them for so long now.

Perceived through New Eyes this world could change in an instant. For now, you must help the blind to see; or at least not fall into any potholes. These are the times that should be cherished the most.

Perceived correctly, you will view a miracle unfolding right before your Eyes.

Thank you for showing up and shining your light at this time. It means more than you will ever know. We will talk again soon…

~ Felix

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