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Oracle Report 9/5/21

By: Archeia Faith

It has been five days since any surges in the Schumann Resonance took place, the consequence of the collective cryolysis we are currently in.

This is a jet engine, warming up to Traverse such a difference (distance) that it is allowing days to arrive at the necessary "temperature" (pressure, propulsion).

Each individual is their own jet engine, not all have been building up pressure... those looking at the patterns, dysfunctions and are Consciously reflecting on what they are BEing shown in their experience have begun their Ascent. Slow and steady wins the game!!

If you refuse to "move," you will be catapulted!

Mother of All Creation requested I share on the role of the Children, in particular the newly-born souls! Many have had dreams of BEing pregnant, BEing surrounded by children, even feeling and presenting as pregnant in the physical experience!

This is what has been termed by Mother as etheric surrogacy, All made possible by the unsurmountable surrender Mother achieved in the physical!

An Etheric womb is BEing held by some 'contracted Souls,' so that the highest vibrating Souls can incarnate, even in vibrationally damaged and typically 'non resonating' vessels, without "inheriting" the traumas!

Essentially epigenetics is done! Just as The Reincarnation cycle ended so too has the trauma transfer cycle! WOOHOO!!

WE are the last generation in our ancient trauma transfer lineage! The trauma will either transform within us and through us or kill us. Mother is guiding to utilize full moons for powerful expansion off these releases!!

It is our choice!!! She has given us the full and complete roadmap. Reach out to myself or any member of Mother God's First Contact Ground Crew Team, to be to be gifted awareness of your roadmap!


In eternal Service to Mother of All Creation!

Archeia Faith

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