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Oracle Report 12/17/2022: The Sacred Pulse

By Archeia Aurora

As we come upon the transitioning of times, and prepare ourselves to enter the year of 2023, we come to the precipice of a dawning of the Transition. The Transition is an often overlooked period between the dying of the Old and the birthing of the New. The Transition may last a few months...years... we do not know. The experience of linear time and space will change as we reach various choice points and there are no dates to be given, as per Source herself. Nothing can be determined on a linear time frame, as the linear timeline no longer exists and has been dissolved + absorbed into the Organic Timeline of Now.

The year of 2023 will be a Universal 7 year, which holds a deep sacredness within Numerology. 7 is a sacred number which correlates to many aspects of life: the 7 chakras, the 7 rays of Creation, the 7 Luminaries..etc. This coming year will be bringing a push... an urge... an intervention of the Sacred Pulse. The Galactic Central Sun, the heart of Source, who beats life into every atom in our Universe will be delivering the Sacred Pulse in the year 2023. This may differ from what many call the "Solar Flash". The Solar Flashes are the increasing solar frequencies we are receiving from our Sun, and these will continue to deliver higher and higher frequencies to elevate our Planet's Vibration in preparation for the Crystalline Process.

However, the Sacred Pulse will come from the GCS, the sacred heart of Source herself. This will not be a flash, but more of a wave of cosmic energy never before felt. This wave will be of PURE LIFE FORCE ENERGY. You can imagine the Solar Flashes being Yang expressions of consciousness-they catalyze us, trigger us, & heighten our senses of sensitivity, calling us into action. These are necessary to prepare our vessels + nervous system for the incoming Sacred Pulse. This pulse will be pure Yin energy, bringing with it the deepest of healing energy in existence. The Sacred Pulse will be felt as a wave of very dense, penetrating energy, almost like a river of black icy water that seems to seep into the very core of our cells, purifying all in the Violet Flame. This pure life force energy will destroy anything in its path that is dead, dying, decaying: anything outside of the vibration of love, joy, healing, happiness, God.

There is no information on how long this pulse will last, but it will be delivered in 2023. This will bring into glaring polarity the split in consciousness between Life + Death. That which is alive and that which is dying. That which is aligned with EGO and that which is aligned with Love. This polarity split will deliver on the promise of "I'll believe it when I see it...." We must brace for impact on this. We must focus fully on the cultivation of our own life force energy. Feed only what gives LIFE: joy, optimism, creative spark, love, freedom, God, truth, healing + unity. Do not feed anything that is already dying. Hold your space of LIFE, as when in a sea of death, you will be the lighthouse.

The 7 year will focus on inner work, transformation, healing, accountability, & full responsibility for one's self as a divine sovereign being.

"Everything you experience this year will be influenced by 7’s power of reflection. Once this power is recognized, your life will become easier to understand and organize. Reflection means not only looking back and pondering the past, but also looking at everything and everyone in the present and seeing your reality being mirrored to you through these people and things. Whatever or whoever affects you is your reality. Some aspects of your current reality will feel out of place and no longer desirable.

No matter how spiritually or materially ‘advanced’ you think you are, the reflective power of 7 will expose an empty space in your life which can make you feel quite lonely. Accept that this emptiness exists, and you will discover the fullness of your true capabilities. You see, that emptiness is your own unfulfilled potential.

When deep emotions arise feel them. Experience them. Do not deny them. If ill health occurs, it is an indication that a buildup of unexpressed emotion is bursting to get out, and may do so in the form of what we erroneously call depression. In fact, it is suppression – the ‘holding in’ of your emotions. Once these feelings have been recognized and released from your body, great improvement will occur in your mental, physical, and/or emotional health.

Life stretches way beyond our own private environments. Beyond this living planet, we are connected to an entire universe which is brimming with life and energy that we cannot even imagine. Explore every aspect of your own reality and, by the end of this year, there will be no doubt as to who and what you are and where you fit in to the ever-changing kaleidoscope we call life.

If you think you already know your true identity, you may be in for some interesting and possibly shocking, revelations. The 7 year enables you to discover how perfect you and your life can become when your emotional Will teams up with knowledge. "

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