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Oracle Reflections 3~13~21

By: Archeia Aurora

Timelines are currently merging. Everyday there are change to the timelines based on our inner work, choices & collective choices. These timelines will complete merging on the Equinox.

The unknown is where all possibilities exist. The void space. It is here and only here where we let go enough for miracles and infinite possibilities manifest. This is why 3D cannot manifest miracles or divine interventions, because we get stuck in linear thinking, control, complacency and comfort zones. Miracles are glitches in the matrix, when we have created enough space for them to enter.

Comfort zones, planning, and control creates barriers to miracles which live outside of time and space. The unknown + love=miracles and synchronistic events. Our EGO's are so afraid of the unknown and we never take the leap into it. We avoid it at all costs because of "what ifs", or based on past experiences or worse, based on other people's experiences. All of this is baed only on the KNOWN, the predictable the enclosed time and space of linear thinking. This is why science must dissolve, why all systems must dissolve. They are based on what has already been done, what can be controlled, "studied" and what is predictable.

Omniscience=the study of miracles. This can never be quantified, only observed, felt and used as inspiration. There are no guideline because the unknown will always be unknown. Curiosity and wonder is key to our evolution as is non attachment and acceptance. I dream in IDEALS. The mind places the ideal outside the scope of possibility, beyond the scope of probability. Ideals are dreams made manifest.

True reality is beyond all concepts, all understanding and rationale. True live is wild, free and both chaotic and in divine order simultaneously. In order to feel what love really is, we must feel OUT of control. We use the phrase "out of control" to denote someone or something that is chaotic, crazy, and outside of our comfort zone. We use this phrase as a negative, when it is actually a positive.

To be so bold, so wild and so authentic is to make the impossible, possible. The word impossible is an oxymoron, because NOTHING is impossible... only to the mind. To believe in the impossible dream is God, Mother, Source. GOD=Giver of Dreams. When all of humanity accepts this truth, we will experience the quantum shift. There is no logic, no science, no complication explanation. It is the HEART. The power of the heart, the power of love, the power of imagination, of courage, of truth, of faith, of forgiveness and compassion, is the power of God. The most powerful force in all of Creation, and WE ARE Creation.

We are Creation in form. Love in Action. Love in Motion.

We are miracles.

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