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New Operating System Fully Online Now!

By Ramona Lappin Which is part of the new super quantum computer I've been speaking of, it symbolises the new holographic realities and new 'programming'/ collective mind/ God Source Consciousness available now. This brings a deep clearing of the old (timelines/ stories/ programs). So we may be tested by things going 'wrong' and old stories coming up. ZERO POINT IT ALL! "It is what it is, it was what is was, it will be what will be." That's my message. For me I've had several things and emotions arise to be automatically cleared. It's like an emotion along with old thought patterns arises and I've been there millions of times before and know the drill. We neutralize it and then chose a higher thought form and belief, replacing the old, which happens automatically now for more and more of us, as this new consciousness 'rolls out'. We don't get triggered into old reactive states, behaviours, thought forms and beliefs anymore. There's a big shift happening! It's also almost like we're bored of fear. We've seen it all before, been through hell and back several times and stuff just doesn't scare or trigger us anymore. My phone broke yesterday and I was just like bored with it, neutral, it was impossible for me to get dragged down by the prospect of having no phone and no money to replace it. It just is, I could see was potential benefits (less distraction) and a deep inner knowing that I will manifest a new phone and everything else I require. There was no anger nor any feelings of 'poor me'. It just was and I knew that everything carries a blessing so I gave thanks for the unknown blessings. I could also see the inconveniences it would cause me but was fine with that, neural. Later on after asking for it, it came back alive, at least for now lol it's already taken a fall from the third floor onto asphalt two months ago and is rather old. It's definitely time for all new technologies Whatever is coming up for you, allow the emotions and programs to arise, to be embraced, transcended and cleared almost immediately through holding the neutral observer presence. Up and out, no suffering connected, we don't believe the old thought forms, we don't feed them as we know them for the programs they are, which allows the energy to arise and release with ease, grace and almost immediately. That's what is available now with the new operating system. We can see the shit and the perfection (polarities/ opposites) all balanced in / through neutrality. This is the basis/ energetic of the new Tri-wave/ Unityfield Blueprint. This collapses these old programs, timelines and realities and that's where we're at. That only works if we have been doing the work around these topics that are coming up, if we have found resolution, which is why we've been busy doing the work. So it's like anchoring the new realities/ thought forms/ belief systems/ scripts one last time by sorting through them and releasing the old for good. No forcing necessary as the new operating system is online and running on new scripts/ programming/ higher Conscioussness. Think and affirm; Ease and Grace and Happy Days to replace the old programming around 'struggle and strive'! Embracing all that arises helps us do that, resistance creates suffering. With the Total Lunar Eclipse we also received very strong DNA Activations and upgrades to our morphogenetic field, activating the next stages and level of our Krystos/ Christos Avatar Embodiment, feeling the activations of our correcting Merkaba's, as all balances and aligns (homeostasis) with the new higher Blueprints coming online. We're changing at a deep cellular and atomic level, much rest is still needed as this sacred Transformation continues to unfold. We cleared a lot of density, shadow body/ forms, entities and parasites (womb focus) these past few weeks especially to be ready now for the new to be birthed through us as we Rebirth ourselves. The Collective Consciousness is also shifting as we're merging into the One Higher Heart-Mind and Soul, where we know one another as part of The One, where we have transcended the seperation and polarities. Right now we're in the collective migration phase! Things are going to shift very quickly now is what I see. Think Mandela effect. Just remember how you used to think one way and one day/ now moment things just shifted and your beliefs did so along with the SHIFT IN FREQUENCY & CONSCIOUSNESS. That's why it's so important to keep raising our own and everyone helps us do that (especially triggers lol) as when we shift in frequency, by the nature of our interconnectedness and the butterfly effect, it helps shift the whole collective along with us. That the beauty of our transformation, as we shift, all up-shifts and lower frequency (realities) drop away organically. No fighting necessary. Our own transformation is the key, the way and solution to our prayers!! Remembering we allow each their own experiences and do not interfere, manipulate, coerce or try to control anyone's life and choices, we are busy with and focus instead on our own transformation by BEING THE CHANGE! That's integrity. As the Total Lunar Eclipse was happening and later on in the day (26th), we had 7 more C-class Solar Flares followed by geomagnetic strom's yet not as strong as forecasted. Right now we have the Schumann Resonance spiking, more C-class solar flares and geomagnetic activity. Very potent manifestation energies, co-create wisely and take it easy of you need to rest more, always listen to the wisdom of your own body intelligence and keep your energy field, as all-ways, sovereign. My msg has been to keep connecting and merging with my 'future' self. To feel what she feels like as now it's all about our own frequency alignment with those vibrational quantum realities that are now available to us. To stay firmly anchored in the NOW, outside of linear time and space as that's what we're transcending all together and which is they key to our reLOVEution! ALL NEW BEGINNINGS are accessible NOW as long as we can let go of the past FULLY!! The new Unityfield/ Grid/ Tri-wave was anchored powerfully yesterday and we are receiving 'New Unification Codes' which are assisting in the collective migration from the bi-polar/ bi-wave grid system to the new Unityfield/ Grid. We are BLENDING REALITIES and holograms, so the new is arising from within the dissolution of the old. It's like the new frequency realities are going to rise more and more through/ as the old Matrix hologram dissolves. Imagine the holographic reality around you in pixelated form. This is the message I am to share, to keep this in mind as we walk through the shifting hologram, to keep repeating and in the awareness that NON OF IT IS EVEN REAL! In the end it's all energy appearing solid but it isn't, all is a wave form, all exist in different states across the quantum field of consciousness. It's for us to really see through the illusions now if we wish to create and access and activate the new quantum realities available to us NOW! As for our memories: the past along with the stories/ programs/ scripts are being archived and will be accessible on demand through 'quantum history records'. When we created realities from our unhealed unconscious we kept repeating old stories and scripts that kept us looping in old artificial Timelines. So you may feel like you're losing your memory as we're finalizing the reset (yesterday acted as a big reset point!) but actually you're going to be able to access information you need as you need it but it doesn't have to be 'remembered' as we are being connected to the Godmind and Higher Consciousness Intelligence Field as One. We are shifting COLLECTIVELY in the way we think, feel, what we believe in, how we behave and act and we came here to be the change that makes that happen by leading by example, which changes our realities in response. What is happening is we're creating new neuro pathways with Neuroplasticity, which "potentially represents a new: experience, thought process, perception, or a brand new aspect of physical function." @the.brain.guy --" "Neuroplasticity describes the brains ability to create new neural networks, adapt old ones, and respond with a new pattern." Source link: "Neuroplasticity, also known as neural plasticity, or brain plasticity, is the ability of neural networks in the brain to change through growth and reorganization. These changes range from individual neuron pathways making new connections, to systematic adjustments like cortical remapping." (Wikipedia). You may have noticed not being able to focus on much. Old memories are coming up for review and we're finding a new perspective to them, shifting our perception. We're shifting from lower emotions about the past to a feeling of healing, forgiveness and being at peace with it all through a shift in perception. It's not that the 'data' has changed but our perception of it. A great healing of our Collective 'past' is happening through this monumental shift in how the Collective Mind is going to process thought, which will and is already resulting in shifts in behaviours, thoughts, feelings and reactions for many of us. We are going through a total shift in perception of our world, history and how reality works as well as our role in it. A new way of thinking means a new way of creating as thoughts create things. Now they'll be based in Love and Compassion. A shift from negative to positive thinking. Many of us can feel the imminent HUGE life changing SHIFTS UPON US. Even if you feel you're tired of hearing this by now (which in itself is an amazing sign as it's part of us being fully detached to outcomes ;-)) because we've been speaking about this forever, remember, it's all-ways all-ready happening NOW, ALL-WAYS NOW. That's all there ever is. We are here to be the frequency holders and anchors of the new holographic quantum realities available for activation. We are the bridge between the old and the new, assisting the merge of Heaven on Earth through the Eden Codes we hold, unifying all back within ourselves, back to Unity. We are the new Grid System and we hold the highest Ascension Timelines in our DNA, we carry sacred keys and codes for all to unfold through us. We align with, hold and embody the frequency of a New Earth within us. It's important we do not get deterred or distracted right now. Bulls eye!! HOLD THE FREQUENCY! All unfolds from here! Remember, DIVINE LOVE IS THE KEY, ITS THE SHORTCUT THROUGH, IT TRANSCENDS THE LAWS OF THE COSMOS AND IT IS WHY WE ARE HERE!! Many of us are getting ready now to open our wings and show everyone how this flying stuff is done As always, please only take what resonates and leave the rest! Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona


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