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New Operating System Fully Online Now!

By Ramona Lappin Which is part of the new super quantum computer I've been speaking of, it symbolises the new holographic realities and new 'programming'/ collective mind/ God Source Consciousness available now. This brings a deep clearing of the old (timelines/ stories/ programs). So we may be tested by things going 'wrong' and old stories coming up. ZERO POINT IT ALL! "It is what it is, it was what is was, it will be what will be." That's my message. For me I've had several things and emotions arise to be automatically cleared. It's like an emotion along with old thought patterns arises and I've been there millions of times before and know the drill. We neutralize it and then chose a higher thought form and belief, replacing the old, which happens automatically now for more and more of us, as this new consciousness 'rolls out'. We don't get triggered into old reactive states, behaviours, thought forms and beliefs anymore. There's a big shift happening! It's also almost like we're bored of fear. We've seen it all before, been through hell and back several times and stuff just doesn't scare or trigger us anymore. My phone broke yesterday and I was just like bored with it, neutral, it was impossible for me to get dragged down by the prospect of having no phone and no money to replace it. It just is, I could see was potential benefits (less distraction) and a deep inner knowing that I will manifest a new phone and everything else I require. There was no anger nor any feelings of 'poor me'. It just was and I knew that everything carries a blessing so I gave thanks for the unknown blessings. I could also see the inconveniences it would cause me but was fine with that, neural. Later on after asking for it, it came back alive, at least for now lol it's already taken a fall from the third floor onto asphalt two months ago and is rather old. It's definitely time for all new technologies Whatever is coming up for you, allow the emotions and programs to arise, to be embraced, transcended and cleared almost immediately through holding the neutral observer presence. Up and out, no suffering connected, we don't believe the old thought forms, we don't feed them as we know them for the programs they are, which allows the energy to arise and release with ease, grace and almost immediately. That's what is available now with the new operating system. We can see the shit and the perfection (polarities/ opposites) all balanced in / through neutrality. This is the basis/ energetic of the new Tri-wave/ Unityfield Blueprint. This collapses these old programs, timelines and realities and that's where we're at. That only works if we have been doing the work around these topics that are coming up, if we have found resolution, which is why we've been busy doing the work. So it's like anchoring the new realities/ thought forms/ belief systems/ scripts one last time by sorting through them and releasing the old for good. No forcing necessary as the new operating system is online and running on new scripts/ programming/ higher Conscioussness. Think and affirm; Ease and Grace and Happy Days to replace the old programming around 'struggle and strive'! Embracing all that arises helps us do that, resistance creates suffering. With the Total Lunar Eclipse we also received very strong DNA Activations and upgrades to our morphogenetic field, activating the next stages and level of our Krystos/ Christos Avatar Embodiment, feeling the activations of our correcting Merkaba's, as all balances and