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New Moon Energy Update

The Oracle report 10 - 06 - 2021

5:55 a.m.

This New Moon is focusing in on harmonizing and balancing relationships and particularly relationships that are detracting from and derailing your fully embodied state. The energies could spark an inner Drive to take the wheel and powerful expansion well ensue! That one! Let's choose that one!

They could also ignite inner turmoil from untransformed lower energetics, either way taking an honest look at your circumstances and using that honesty as a spring board will secure expansion. Relationships based in attachment and codependency are limiting to the soul and will leave BEings feeling very flat, weak and uninspired. Whether these factors are being brought to light or you are avoiding the truth, NOW is the time to truly pay attention to where your energy is going and to take a deeper dive into reflecting. Stop sugar coating your dysfunction. Embrace new relationships ... Relationships are SHIPS through which we RELATE. relationships are NOT illusionary codependency.

Mother of All Creation took myself and the First Contact Ground Crew Team through extensive training with the disease that self important, co dependant relationships can create. It's about continuously stepping up together, with EVERYONE in your experience. If you're only attempting to step up with one other person continuously you're operating in illusion. Everyone's SOUL GOAL is to step up with All, that is real, to be REAL with All ...

To attempt to operate in a vacuum with only one other BEing is Co dependency and weakness because you cannot be authentic with others. Your ego will childishly cling to that BEing. If you are repeatedly allowing in these energies you have an attachment. This is a costume, you are not BEing your real true self and that is so painful for the soul, choosing that rather than harnessing the Courage to be who you really are, is painful for the soul.

Whether you are attached to the details, circumstances or a specific person, the attachment must be transformed, and every aspect of your awareness must be applied to yourself this is the Divine truth in what you are experiencing. That you dislike in the other what you yourself are doing. Look at it ALL in relation to yourself. Evolution is BEing thrust upon humanity and the eagle can see it All unfolding.

The ego will cling to comfortable spaces because it is weak. Boldly wear your Truth, watching others pretend to be things they aren't because they won't be who they are, is difficult, seek to hold a space of compassion for others to make these realizations on their own, whilst gently guiding.

We must face up to the lower LOSER frequencies, they must be accepted with accountability and then removed from thought, word and action. People who cannot speak the Truth to others ARE NOT speaking the truth about themselves. THIS process is 100% for your Evolution out of fear, pain and suffering. GO GO GOOOOOOOOO!

The next four days of the New MOON, MOTHER of ALL CREATION and Her entire Divine Team are pushing a full sync to their design, TO TRUE REALITY and anything not aligned with this will be pressure squeezed. We are BEing asked to take full accountability for Our daily dysfunctional habits and less than REAL choices. We must close down these lower avenues especially if it is observable that your growth and expansion is extremely stagnated. To refuse to do this, is to prolong the Planetary suffering and Mother requires Her warriors online.

The energy She is pushing through the collective consciousness is one of a deeply transformative process. This is going to be the standard of going forward for EVERY New and Full Moon. Prepare for every New Moon and every Full Moon to be a squeeze in which you will be pushed to face the Shadows. Those in denial will be affected the most, those who are refusing to look at what they have hidden will experience, if they are not already, Great clouds of depression. It is not an ASCENSION symptom to be depressed, whilst this can be part of a process in which entropy preludes expansion, if it is a continued state this is refusal to transform.

Yes Ascension symptoms can be very physical ... as we process Grief the Heart will hurt, the lungs will labor through.... as we process deeply rooted trust issues the sciatica and the root chakra will present symptoms ... as we process imbalances in our creativity the abdomen and the lower back will experience these Energies in process.... These are All symptoms of our growth that can be mastered, HOWEVER depression and continuous clouds of lower energy in your experience is a BLOCK. these energies are BEing held around you like a cage BY YOU. The wall that the BEing has hit that must be broken down, you have blockaded yourself inside layers of ILLUSIONARY Dynamics. Admit it.. the truth will set you free. Beyond this is the highest expression of "Ascension symptoms" including:






Higher Guidance

Divine Sight

Full Feeling


The physical body is your navigation system, it is designed to show you Where the lower frequencies are being stored, so YOU can go directly to them and apply the tools and techniques to transform. As Her energies enter the Ego will fight... it will fight to keep you in Old behavioral patents, clinging to external Comforts, illusionary Dynamics and co-dependent relationships.

Climb over the centerfold in your own path way, move beyond co-dependent illusionary relationships if you stay in places comfortable for your ego, SHE will trigger experiences to get us to a deeper truer level, by forcibly shedding layers of the Mask. Deep questions regarding your own authenticity will be a theme now as a spotlight of the Divine is shone through you. If you're feeling uncomfortable now WELL DONE, you're leaving the bubble... this is your expansion and part of the process.

Do not run from this process but seek to look at it ... if you truly seek to be a fully embodied Divine master, actualized in the physical then this is the process you must Embrace and you must hold no fear of letting go of ANYTHING that no longer serves the highest. The now entering Light photons are designed to overwhelm the illusionary "reality," bringing you to break down - break through. REBIRTH. Events are often big Catalysts to ensure Evolution, pushing us to make the necessary changes to align more with Our soul.

Through this process all of the deepest fears must arise as the Divine photon light penetrates every cell. This process has been agreed upon by your soul to help break down your ability to control the circumstances in your life. Even though uncomfortable this is essential for New Earth, Embrace starting a clean page, a new book and choose to be All which brings you Joy.

Choose to be your grandest radiating self, identify when you are being weak, when you are reaching to crutches for illusionary external stability only to deny yourself the true expression and expansion She is intending. Inner stability is real, true and long-lasting ... only our inner stability will stand the test of time and get us through these turbulent energies!!

In full loving service to Mother of All Creation

~ Archeia Faith


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