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My first contact with a Lightship

My first experience with lightships or what are called UFOs was when I was in high school and I reheart it well.

It was in the month of May in 1991 around the 4:00 pm hour. Here's why I remember that...

I was a junior in high school, in our family living room sitting on the floor at the stereo. I had just recorded on VHS the airing of R.E.M Unplugged on MTV and I was such an R.E.M fan I transfered the VHS recording to cassette so I could have an audio version to play in the car.

My mom was in the same room sitting on the couch watching the Oprah Winfrey Show, which aired at 4 pm on our local station.

Above the entertainment console was a window to across the street.

My mom got up for whatever reason, looked out the window and said, "Mike, look- isn't that strange?"