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My first contact with a Lightship

My first experience with lightships or what are called UFOs was when I was in high school and I reheart it well.

It was in the month of May in 1991 around the 4:00 pm hour. Here's why I remember that...

I was a junior in high school, in our family living room sitting on the floor at the stereo. I had just recorded on VHS the airing of R.E.M Unplugged on MTV and I was such an R.E.M fan I transfered the VHS recording to cassette so I could have an audio version to play in the car.

My mom was in the same room sitting on the couch watching the Oprah Winfrey Show, which aired at 4 pm on our local station.

Above the entertainment console was a window to across the street.

My mom got up for whatever reason, looked out the window and said, "Mike, look- isn't that strange?"

I got up and looked out the window and saw what looked like a cylindrical cone of white Christmas lights in the sky. They were above the right side of our neighbors' house.

It was impossible to determine how big they were and how far away they were. They defied spatial awareness.

The sky was overcast so it was also easy to see them.

The most striking thing was how they moved. They turned in a circle in the most gentle undulation like leaves or flowers swaying on the breeze. Almost like a delicate circle dance.

My first thought was to get the camcorder to record them so I turned away to get it but when I came back they were gone.

The feeling of seeing them, though, wasn't fearful at all. Fear wasnt even in my mind but a sense of peace and an attention as though they were there for only us to see.

For the next years in college, when my peers would joke about UFOs, I naively would say I saw them.

No one ever said "thats cool" or "me too" but that I was just crazy or would accuse me of being a druggie that hallucinates.

So, every once in a while I would ask my mom to recount the event and she would.

This peer experience in college created more of a lack of self belief and self esteem that took years to heal on my own.

I have had several oracles, psychics etc. explain that event. I feel that it was my quick and dirty exposure to how truly thin the vail of physical reality is.

Thank you Mom.

By Mike Fortune


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