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March 2023 Equinox Ascension Message

By: Samantha Orthlieb


Hello beautiful Soul,

The Age of Aquarius is about elevating our energetic frequency to attune and resonate as a multi-dimensional self that is heart centered, accountable and responsible. In other words, fully engaged in your Divine Blueprints, talents and passions! The way of healing in the near future will rely on this Higher Mindset, and is all about holding higher vibration to successfully thrive in this new world paradigm! This new sense of consciousness also means using your talents and gifts in service to each other and the planet. The ego dissolves its own agenda or fearful hesitation, it no longer determines our reality and surrenders to the vibration of Love and Unity. We are in the throes of the Equinox Gateway this week - until March 22nd, in which we are processing our deepest wounds. Any wound that has kept us small, inauthentic, without creative expression or inability to sing our own unique song is being intensely cleared and healed.

Prepare to be reborn through the Equinox Gateway! Overall there is intense soul expansion to increase the flow of creativity and artistic expression, while reducing the fear and anxiety of expressing ourselves. Our soulful evolution to live our Divine Blueprint purpose is asking us to take risks and put ourselves in touch with our heart’s yearnings.

While the sun has calmed down in terms of acute solar flares that provide coding and support our Ascension process, today an "EXTREMELY RARE" CME flew away from the far side of the sun. Its high velocity appears to put it in the category of "Extremely Rare," a decade-class event. The explosion was so powerful, it peppered Earth with energetic particles even though the CME was not Earth-directed. This powerful energy blast of protons will most certainly assist and amplify this intense healing gateway that we are now in. (spaceweather) Add to this that we are moving into Eclipse season in April/May. Eclipses are destiny changers and bring more focus and redirection - so many will start to see movement towards changes or next steps - this may come in the form of shifts in relationships, jobs, financial status and/or projects moving forward or completing. This is a potent time of inner transformation and self actualization, however you may also be experiencing uncomfortable Ascension symptoms and feel like you are Icarus - flying too close to the sun, so to speak! Please know that in this time of acceleration of planetary and individual consciousness, your wings have no limitations but are getting a tad bit singed as you find your equilibrium and footing in this process, so it may feel exhilarating but also terrifying! It's important to continue to make space to feel and heal, as your neural pathways are rewiring for expansion and greater comprehension of your place in the Whole. This quickening of your soul's evolution may or may not be obvious to you at this point, however anything you are struggling with the most right now is the key, and needs to be completed so that you can be empowered to fulfill your divine purpose in this lifetime. This is the area that brings you the most growth and is tied to your deepest wounding. This could include relationships, jobs, attitudes and belief systems. Further clarity will be revealed to you if you are unclear and take the time to listen; trust that Spirit will support you with what is needed, in divine timing. This is not a time to hold onto anything, now matter how much you believed that you needed it, in letting go you will gain more than you ever thought possible, opening to fresh blessings and a life that is lived creatively with a purpose, through your empowered heart.

In service and divine liberation,



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