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Making room for the new

The closer we get to activating unlimited potential, stepping into our own power, the more chaos unleashes in our lives. Because everything that is old and reflects dual programming is disintegrating. It does not reflect us anymore. Now we are activate as unlimited, divine beings, and our life and world will reflect the love and harmony we are. Now we have the opportunity to take important lessons from the apparent chaos, it comes with great possibilities of awakening, awareness and aims to wash away all that is old and does not reflect truth, love, integrity. One of the lessons of this "seismic" inner wave is that it is NOT NORMAL to keep in our lives beings who have not learned the lesson of gratitude for our presence, divinity, life. It is normal in our house to enter only humble souls, hearts that feel appreciation, gratitude for what we are and for existence. Because by surrounding ourselves with beings vibrational based on contempt, dissatisfaction, disrespect and lack of gratitude, we are deprived of vital energy to the detriment of all. Accepting such vibrations around us we let ourselves be permanently drained of energy and at the same time we nurture the illusory identity in others and thus perpetuate that vibratory level in them. Hearts full of negativity, envy, criticism, dissatisfaction, hatred, manipulation is the time to get up vibrationally. We do not help them when we let them drain our energy constantly, we help them when we cleanse our lives, we stabilize our vibrational level and shine. And in our temple only open souls will join us to shine with us, in the service of the infinite Self, in the service to all forms of existence. We will be surprised to see that ungrateful hearts are probably the very members of our family, the people we have always kept close, our children, our parents, our brothers, our sisters. People we consider friends. In these specific times nothing can be kept hidden, and everything that was not seen until now will now come to light. Everything is revealed so that it can be healed and released. For the New level in consciousness to be activated in the human being. It is important to understand that the people who have surrounded us so far have been our reflection. So the first step is to ask ourselves what hidden aspects are brought to light by their presence in our lives? it is necessary to work with our luggage, to take our lessons and only then to clean by drawing healthy lines in our life. How we become aware of the people who are not in gratitude? We can write down in the diary the people in our lives and how we feel around them. Are there repetitive patterns in relationships that decreases regularly our vibrational level? When these people come before us do they have a heart full of rejoicing? Do they perceive us as we are? Are there people projecting on us their own unworked luggage regularly? Are there people constantly expressing criticism and contempt, dissatisfaction towards us? Are there people pointing out all our weaknesses and failures? Are there people constantly discouraging us in everything we do? These are some examples from a long list of behaviors, the most important is to connect with our heart and feel people. Does our heart feel joy, harmony, gratitude when it meets those people? Life is harmony, peace, limitless. We release these beings from our lives with gratitude for the lessons they have given to us and keep them in our meditation. In our temple enter the open hearts that reflect the love, harmony and peace that we are. In the service of One infinite. BogdanaElena


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