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Love Is The Key To Immortality

You naturally produce serum. The remedy. Serum is a protein rich liquid that provides immunity and works as a diagnostic (dia-gnostic) agent within the body. Self-healing. It holds the gnosis on what to diagnose. What to regulate. The body is a self-regulating, self-regenerating system. Serum is the thin yellowish part of the blood that separates when the blood coagulates. The pericardium is a type of "serous" (Sirius) membrane that encloses the heart, meaning it has the qualities of the serum. Heart/healing (Thymus T-cell connection. 144 akenenic/immortal cells in the thymus supposedly). When the 144 akenenic cells are crucified at Golgotha/base of the skull. Cruxified can mean multiplied a thousandfold. 144x1,000=144,000 (ascension). Symbolic of the thymus and brain being in coherent communication.

The thymus shrinks and gets weaker in most people after the age of 13 or so unless reactivated (just tap on the thymus to stimulate it). Thyme=time. The more thyme you have here, the more time you have here, given the thymus and pericardium govern your immune system along with the pituitary gland (Magdalene, the healer/anointer and the anointed). So the pericardium is a natural serum based membrane. The shape somewhat resembles a certain Egyptian headdress. Sokar wore that headdress. Sokar is a Falcon headed deity that allegorically predates Osiris and Horus. If Sokar resembles the heart's protection/paricardium headdress and Osiris (Os means to see) resembles the pineal gland then it makes sense given the heart predates the pineal in the gestation process. Heart forms first, then the pineal forms on the 49th day (7x7=49/Sirius or "Serous" regeneration cycle. The serum). So-Kar. Scramble it. Os-Ark. ark of Osiris? The ark/arch/connection between the heart and the pineal (thymus as the first step up from the heart) activating an optimal immune system? Immunity to physical death? Immortality? Os-ark... Ozark mountains? Lol Arkansas is sitting on tons upon tons of quartz and other minerals. Crystal capital of the 50 states. You know one way how you connect the brain and the heart? Oxytocin, the love hormone that plucks the vagus nerve like a guitar string so to speak. The vagus nerve. It's said that you release oxytocin after hugging or holding someone for 10+ seconds. The vagus nerve is the 10th cranial nerve and interfaces with para-sympathetically with the heart (pari-cardium) and the lungs (physical angel wings, pumping air/transcending via breath). Para means side by side. Peri means around (around the cardium/heart). Pari-cardium is in parasympathetic resonance with the vagus nerve that love stimulates.

Love is the key to immortality, even more so than knowledge. Which is why the heart is weighed on Ma'at's scale instead of the brain. How do you create this optimal brain-heart communication? Love.

Ascended pericardium/headdress (the heart that outweighed the feather). Even knowledge of truth can weigh heavy on the heart. Love is the serum. Trevor McGrath


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