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Love Is Our Greatest Protection

As the collective fear increases and a dark cloud looms oppressively over the planet, it is more important than ever to stay away from fear and connect back to our true divine essence, which is rooted in love.

Love is our inherent state of being. We do not need to work hard for love. We simply need to open and embrace our heart-space which has been closed off through fear and through an over-emphasis on the brain as the seat of consciousness.

The electromagnetic frequency of the heart is thousands more times powerful than the brain. When we have compassion for ourselves and connect empathetically to the suffering of others, we connect to our heart space and become embodied into the higher frequencies of love. This promotes health and healing on all levels, connects us to positive emotions and keeps us in a state of harmony and balance.

It also builds a powerful shield of protection around us that no darkness can penetrate. Nothing operating at those lower fear vibrations can come into contact with these higher love vibrations. There is simply no vibrational match.

Whenever we allow fear to consume us, we break down this shield and make ourselves vulnerable again to attack. Fear is the currency of evil. At a higher level, it is the food source that sustains the forces of darkness. By constantly living in fear, we lose sight of all that is good in the world.

Whilst it is important to keep up to date with world affairs and stay informed of the negative agenda, prolonged pessimism can lead to bitterness and a darkening of the heart, which will weaken our spiritual immune system and outweigh the knowledge gained through our research. Political revolution without spiritual evolution has led to much of the global tyranny throughout history.

The new kind of revolution is a spiritual revolution. It is an evolution in consciousness.

This is why it is important to stay grounded in hope and optimism and not give in to persistent doom and gloom or worst-case scenarios. If we become preoccupied with negative outcomes and accept them as fated, then they are more likely to become our fate. We end up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, where we bring into manifestation the very thing that we are fearing.

We are more powerful than we dare to imagine possible. We each have immense powers of reality creation. Through the sheer power of thought alone, we can bend reality either into or out of our favour. We are the architects of our destiny. The future is not written. Nothing is set in stone.

The choices we make now will ripple through eternity, so it is best to align our thoughts and actions with those that reflect the world we want to live in. This does mean we spiritually bypass. Darkness cannot be erased through denial.

Be aware of the darkness, whilst visualizing and setting intentions for a positive future. This is the ideal middle ground.

Creator and Author.

Mike Harrigan.

I Am.

You Are.

We Are.


Global Consciousness..

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