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LIBRA NEW MOON - Wednesday 6 October

By: Amy

LIBRA NEW MOON - Wednesday 6 October, exact at 12.05pm UK time (BST)

This is a potent New Moon which has the potential to have a strong impact on the month ahead. We have the Sun, Moon, Mars and Retrograde Mercury all sitting together in the peace-loving, diplomatic, sociable sign of Libra, which very much puts the focus on our relationships. We also have a lot of retrograde planets at the moment, including Mercury, calling us to go back over ground that we have already covered. As ever, the New Moon holds the potential for us to seed something new and to leave whatever isn’t serving us behind in the dark of the Moon. What positive intentions can we set in motion around the way we relate to others, especially our most intimate other? What habits and patterns might we want to release that tend to sabotage our relationships? What do we actually want our relationships to look like? How and where in our life do we tend to go to extremes and would like to find more balance? Do we need to look at another point of view? These are all good questions to ask around a Libra New Moon!

Libra is the part of us that likes to be around others and seeks balance and harmony. This is the sign represented by the scales that helps us to find the middle ground rather than veering too far towards one extreme or the other. Libra helps us to take a fair, balanced and reasonable approach and to see things from both sides, which could be rather helpful in this current climate that has become so very divisive. We are encouraged to really listen so that we can see things from another perspective and gain some true understanding of where the other person is coming from. This is an ideal opportunity to open ourselves up to other points of view and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.