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Karma is Being Served

By: Ramona Lappin

I woke up with the knowing and message that Divine Justice and Karma are going to be played out and served NOW. 'Good & bad'! Consequences for our actions are necessary for the Souls growth and development, how else would we ever learn? No longer will we carry the karmic load for those that have committed crimes against life! No longer will we enable, turn a blind eye and make excuses for others! It's also up to us now to make that conscious decision not to transmute any more karmic loads for others/ the collective!! The karma of humanity has been absolved but each has to still work through their individual energetic residue of such and make better choices now. We've done all we came here to do until this point where ALL SHIFTS NOW, often sacrificing our own wellbeing to serve ALL, but now it's time for us to hand back those buckets. Each has to now deal with the Consequences of their own choices and we no longer shift truck loads of shit for anyone else. Each fully stepping up in their own Sovereignty! We will be here to assist when others ask us for our help and given that they are willing to do the hard work themselves!

Yes, having compassion and understanding why people are the way they are is paramount and that's part of why we came here, to integrate all aspects of Source, to understand how Consciousness and Creation works at this level, BUT that doesn't mean we continue to allow this to go on!! We also came to learn discernment, boundaries and when to draw the line. You see we have also collectively allowed it for all to come this far. We can also see these themes playing out in our own life's, where we didn't speak up or held others responsible for their hurtful actions. Or where we took on the blame and guilt for things others did. So we all get to play our part to make this shift happen by not taking any more crap and injustices in our own micro Universes.

Those that have chosen death culture shall reap what they have sowed. That is their choice, we all get to choose! Each shall experience what it means that what we do upon another we do upon ourselves. Going forward cause and effect will be almost instant. It's been a long time coming and it seemed that justice was lost but that also was part of the manipulations and black magic at work, all a reflection of the fallen and distorted Consciousness we are all part of. This is not about blame, shame and guilt, its way beyond these concepts. It's about a total shift and flip in Consciousness. It's all about us understanding how Creation works and what is supportive to our Souls expansion and what is self sabotaging. It's about taking full response-ability and accountability for our every action, word, thought, belief and feeling, as all of it creates. ALL IS FIRST CREATED ENERGETICALLY before it becomes manifest in physical form. We can not run and hide from our actions or offload them onto others forever. Eventually it all catches up with us, the good and the bad. Yet all is serving our souls learning, just some experiences are way more pleasant then others! Those of negative intent no longer have the power to offload their karma onto us as the old Grids are fast dismantling and dissolving, as the higher frequencies and Cosmic Clearings are resulting in a mass exodus of Souls, negative entities and energies at a mass scale. Many are starting to leave us now physically.

Keep remembering that every moment we get to CHOOSE aNEW; new actions, words, thoughts, feelings and beliefs which in turn co-create our new higher Consciousness/ dimensional realities! True redemption from the core of our Sacred Crystal Hearts is what sets us free of past ill deeds and 'mistakes'. We are the ones who have to forgive ourselves and in the end we are always the ones judging ourselves. All is to be resolved from within. This is not about revenge or some wrathful God coming to punish anyone. It's just that the Soul has to learn that every action has Consequences and no-one is getting away scot free any longer! This is just how Creation works and that's what we came here to learn, it can no longer be delayed and manipulated.

Hold on and stand strong and tall Beloveds, as the tables turn and our time out of time has truly come!


Eternal Love & Blessings, Ramona

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