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June 2022 Ascension Update

By: Samantha Orthlieb


June 2022’s theme: Ascendance

June's Keywords: Self Worth, Self Truth “You can't cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water." ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Awakened Soul,

Discovering our sense of self worth and self truth is an onion-like process. Every time we work through a shadow layer, we peel and expose another that is deeper, rawer, visceral and more palpable. However, there is profound clarity that comes through if we recognize, excavate and transform/transmute each layer. In this process we find the gold and grieve our losses; the times we did not stand in our power, love ourselves enough nor speak our truth. Or when we allowed others to cross our boundaries and made ourselves small to accommodate others.

But as we recognize this we shed a coat that is too small and no longer fits. Each time this happens we weave a new garment, put it on and spiral up to another level of ascension. We then hit the reset button to begin anew, having found more self love and inner balance. June’s Ascension energies bring us in alignment with this state of being. We are now adjusting to being whole and in Sacred Union. Our new Oneness garment is on and we are adjusting to the perfectly tailored fit. We are unique and sovereign. We are now able to feel and express ourselves more in alignment with our True Self. Our boundaries are healthier so that we can discern and make choices that integrate with our sense of self truth. Our sensory system is more attuned, and has expanded once again via May’s cosmic events. We can download deeper universal wisdom along with infinite possibilities, thus moving us forward on the next phase of our evolution. Karmic pattern free and in alignment with our Divine Blueprint, the delicious unknown is on the horizon for us if we embrace it. June is the time for you to embrace change with courage and be fully present for yourself and others! You can now harness the healing spirit of co-creative feminine and masculine energies of Oneness/Sacred Union to further your growth and be of service in a way you have never been able to before. Integration of this new consciousness into your life can be used going forward to establish, create and manifest the next level of your dreams and purpose. And you are now able to tap into higher guidance and your inner knowing to live it fully. This will then be infused with more empowered love, and expressed to those around you in your soul family to benefit humanity and our planet. In other words it is now time to “up the Oneness ante” for yourself as the old global power systems and woundedness continue to be exposed and break down around us. This will allow you to thrive in a chaotic world that is unravelling at the seams. As universal forces establish this new love based unity consciousness timeline, the old top down planetary global system based on fear is imploding faster. The 5th dimensional key is to stay balanced with equanimity, reorient your daily life from your core self, and a place of higher consciousness, so that you can flow in abundance and create more ease despite the old paradigm that reeks of scarcity, lack, fear and struggle, and tempts you to stay in it. Every moment YOU CHOOSE which timeline you want to be in; the old disempowering one or the 5D conscious choice one. You are rapidly rebirthing as an ambassador for cosmic consciousness, and have the choice to tap into creative possibilities via Divine Creation. You also deserve supportive/reciprocal relationships to help you while you are living your best life and being a beacon of Light. Honing our relationships will continue to be a major theme in 2022. Remember that healthy power, a sense of self esteem, and self worth are all derived from having a connection with others and finding meaning and value through being part of a greater whole. So this month use any restless or agitated energy for moving forward, and for “outside of the box” projects and solutions! Be prepared for downloads and new ideas that require you to act. Use boundaries and also be accountable for your actions. Anything else is out of your control. The new 5D timeline thrives on flow, ease and abundance. If you hold your overall personal vision and dreams without wavering, you will be amazed at how generous the universe will be. And so it is!

In love, authenticity and service,



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