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We’re turning a corner this month as we move into the second half of 2021. It has been quite a year with ongoing censorship, tyranny, and the challenge to personal freedoms that we have never experienced before. If we expected the density of 3D to give into to the light without a fight, we are seeing that this transition is not going to be made of the sweetness and light that we thought it would. Who would have thought that?

As I said in my 2021 predictions, 2021’s theme is energetic sovereignty and while it is our divine birthright, it is not a given, we have to be willing to stand up for it. In July we are challenged to rise to the occasion, to start our engines and leap out of the starting gate, marking our passage from intention to action by setting the tracks to remind us that our path is marked by our commitment to our own soul’s growth. It’s another month of action but now we are ready to go out into the world armed with determination, conviction, and commitment to our own light.

This is another year where the first half of the year will be different from the second half and we’re entering the second half now. If you feel like everything is a struggle right now, that’s because it is. The ‘dark side’ has been in control for a long time and it will not give up without a fight but that cannot deter us from forging onward and upward. Remember energy expansion is not linear, it is spherical. It expands in all directions which is why linear progress is not always obvious. Look in all directions to see where the light is shining brightly and transformation is occurring.

Nothing can stop the 3D/5D ascension integration and the light we carry from reaching even the darkest corners as the collective frequency and vibration continues to rise as humanity awakens to its divinity and the fulfillment of our 2021 mission, claiming our energetic sovereignty.

And whether your personal fight against the density of darkness is a critical family, disapproving children, friends who no longer speak to you or your own hesitation, anxiety, and doubt, July is a clarion call to bold action and strong confidence. So let’s take it beyond the limits and see how high we can soar.