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We’re turning a corner this month as we move into the second half of 2021. It has been quite a year with ongoing censorship, tyranny, and the challenge to personal freedoms that we have never experienced before. If we expected the density of 3D to give into to the light without a fight, we are seeing that this transition is not going to be made of the sweetness and light that we thought it would. Who would have thought that?

As I said in my 2021 predictions, 2021’s theme is energetic sovereignty and while it is our divine birthright, it is not a given, we have to be willing to stand up for it. In July we are challenged to rise to the occasion, to start our engines and leap out of the starting gate, marking our passage from intention to action by setting the tracks to remind us that our path is marked by our commitment to our own soul’s growth. It’s another month of action but now we are ready to go out into the world armed with determination, conviction, and commitment to our own light.

This is another year where the first half of the year will be different from the second half and we’re entering the second half now. If you feel like everything is a struggle right now, that’s because it is. The ‘dark side’ has been in control for a long time and it will not give up without a fight but that cannot deter us from forging onward and upward. Remember energy expansion is not linear, it is spherical. It expands in all directions which is why linear progress is not always obvious. Look in all directions to see where the light is shining brightly and transformation is occurring.

Nothing can stop the 3D/5D ascension integration and the light we carry from reaching even the darkest corners as the collective frequency and vibration continues to rise as humanity awakens to its divinity and the fulfillment of our 2021 mission, claiming our energetic sovereignty.

And whether your personal fight against the density of darkness is a critical family, disapproving children, friends who no longer speak to you or your own hesitation, anxiety, and doubt, July is a clarion call to bold action and strong confidence. So let’s take it beyond the limits and see how high we can soar.

July moves us out of the 11 spiritual initiation vibration of June to the 3 vibration (7 2015) which is a highly creative and less difficult frequency. Yes 11 is a master number but mastery numbers are full of lessons, challenges, and difficult choices. We can no longer coast between the temptation to become ‘more ready’ and to do more healing and urge to break free of our limitations and fears. All we need is an intention and an action plan because it’s time to start our engines and burn rubber – leave tracks as you jump out of the starting gate. This month’s themes are rigor, resolution, and re-orientation and we’re going to apply them to our forward movement so we are moving in a forward direction with clarity, confidence, and congruence and without the questions about our worthiness or need for approval, acknowledgement, and validation.

Rigor refers to the discipline to stay on our ascension path and follow the call of our soul mission for divine congruence, joy, and harmonious fulfillment.

Resolution refers to the true aim of healing, completion and closure with the finality of knowing that our truth always leads us in the right and best direction. Every relationship is not destined to lead to joyful fulfillment and endings are always a consideration.

Re-orientation refers to our ability to plot a new course for joy as we use acceptance to maintain our energetic integrity. The need for security and stability can keep us mired in ruts of fear and when we realize that we can make course corrections without regret, guilt, or shame.

July opens with a Venus/Mars conjunction in Leo. Now this doesn’t happen very often and we have that conjunction all month. I did some research and the previous Venus/Mars conjunction in Leo was in September 2015 and prior to that in June 1991. While some people may talk about the romantic aspects of this conjunction, there is far more to it than that. While romance is a possibility, I believe Venus/Mars in Leo highlights the 2021 theme of energetic sovereignty, where we have to maintain our energetic integrity in all of our connections, to take care of ourselves and be more self-ish and self focused. Any relationship that is based on need, healing, co-dependence, or karma is up for review, reconsideration, and recalibration or release.

Here we have the divine expression of male/female enhanced by being in the sign of the lion which is ruled by the sun. Does it get any more glorious than this? If you have ever needed support for integration of your divine male and female aspects, you get that opportunity until July 30.

The divine male principle expresses bold, confident, aligned action with confidence and courage. The divine female principle expresses confidence, beauty, grace, and alignment with self awareness and panache. Panache is a word I love because it means style, flair, and vivacity. What’s your personal style? Do you live your life with flair? In a society where we are conditioned to follow to the latest style or trend, having your own style, living with flair, is an expression of our unique energy signature.

In July you can consider putting that energy into action in your life. What are your gifts? Where is your voice? Is it time to speak up, speak out, and project your unique intention into the world? We create our reality through our intention and your voice is what creates the vibration of your reality so get those vocal cords moving, it is time to manifest and make it all happen. You’re in charge and you are in control. No one is going to do this for you.

Mercury finally gets out of it recent retrograde shadow by July 7 and now we’re ready to do some cleanup work. If this Mercury retro was like a tornado moving through your life you are not alone and it was time for it to happen. We are so afraid to let go, release, move on, and move out of situations that do not serve us because we do not want to be alone, to make people angry, to disappoint others, or to not serve our purpose or fulfill our healing mission with them. So we stay in these situations far long than we need to and than is good for us. Get unstuck, let go, move on. What is for you will return and if not, then it was not the right person or thing.

Now Venus and Mars in Leo is not just going to bring the high vibes of the divine masculine and feminine forward, it’s also going to do some work on the Saturn/Uranus square. Together, Mars and Venus are going to deliver a one-two punch to square Uranus and oppose Saturn for the first two weeks of July. And then Mercury comes along behind them and does the same thing at the end of July and the first week of August.

Think of this as a group of people challenging a bully and winning because there is strength in numbers. Do you see where current world events could be impacted by the collective standing up to tyranny? Remember the theme of 2021 is energetic sovereignty.

In last months’ energy report I said that having the planet that rules karma (Mercury) in the sign that rules karma (Gemini) was going to be a real energetic closet cleaner. And boy howdy was it ever. If you had any clarity about how you were finished with your participation in karmic cycles and decided to be finished with the whole lot, that’s the result of this recent Mercury retro and the eclipses we had in May and June.

And if you’re feeling tired, wired, and just fried right now, give yourself some room to decompress because we have come through a difficult energy cycle that brought up a lot of old memories. These eclipses took us back to 1975 where we could have made some difficult and life changing choices – I know I did. And now we are looking at aspects of those choices again and choosing to do something different.

With Mars and Venus in Leo it’s ‘me’ time. Not the selfish or entitled me (although some people will express the energy that way), but the self aware, self sovereign ‘me’ that realizes that our energy boundaries must be strong if we are to manifest from our energy congruence and our highest aspects. Let go of anything that drains your energy, that doesn’t love, honor, and respect you, that doesn’t give you joy. It’s all ready to be released so that you can bring in relationships that do serve you, that love, honor, and respect you, and that give to you so you are not constantly draining your energy to get the approval, acceptance, and acknowledgement you want from someone who is never going to give it to you. Or to get value and validation from someone who does not resonate with your value.

It’s a tough time to be re-orienting our life paths because the trajectory we thought we were coasting on just ended abruptly. I’m seeing everything from children refusing to speak to their parents to marriages breaking up to long term friendships ending suddenly as well as new relationships being created, acceptance of others’ choices and the blessing of their release, and many clients finally resolved to creating their own joy in their lives and not focusing on making others happy. If your biological family is separating from you it is to make room for your energetic family, something I have been writing about for 10 years.

While this path may not be initially the most joyful and fulfilling right now, it will be in the long run. How much of your time is spent making others happy, being there for them, supporting their dreams, and not having time for yours? Well, while you’re trying to decide on the nicest way to tell someone that you’re letting them go they may just do that job for you and walk out of your life. If that happens we can often be upset because we do not get the acknowledgement we want but don’t go in that direction. Right now it’s all about energetic resonance so whatever is leaving your life just doesn’t resonate with you.

A lot of energy is moving and shifting right now and I always get confirmation of that by cleaning my closets, reorganizing my kitchen, and generally feeling the need to clean, put things away, and reorient my living space. This past weekend I reorganized my kitchen, rearranging my pantry and dinner services, and putting all of my matching dinner and salad plates and bowls together. I have not changed my kitchen cup board organization in 3 years, since I moved here, and I love it. It is so much more efficient now and so much easier to find my dishes.

Why didn’t I do it before? Because it wasn’t time, the energy wasn’t right and to be honest, I just didn’t think of it. I was OK with searching through the cupboards looking for different plates and bowls I wanted to use and the thought of re-organizing them didn’t occur to me.

One of the things that has helped me reorient the energy in my house was to clear the land trauma energy from my property. This was a 3 day ceremony that I did when I discovered that a violent crime had taken place on this land about 3 centuries ago and the energy trauma was still on the land. It was impacting my health, my joy, my vitality, and my motivation. As soon as I cleared it up, and I did the ceremony about 2 weeks ago, everything shifted and I finally feel like I am ‘at home’ in this house.

We have a new moon on July 10 in Cancer (the moon’s sign) on July 10 that is going to rendez-vous with Neptune and with Jupiter although that planet is getting ready to leave Pisces at the end of the month. This is a preview of one of the predominant energies of 2022, a highly spiritual Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces that happens once every 155 years.

Then we have a full moon on July 24 that is at 1 Aquarius but it also sets off a cycle that ends on August 22 with a full moon at 29 Aquarius. We do not get this kind of ‘bookend’ energy very often but it is always a very powerful energy mover so watch that too. Aquarius is the sign of community, new ideas, and inspired action. It’s also in strong focus now because we have Saturn there until March 2023.

I know things are tough in the world and we feel attacked at every angle, because we are. The world appears to have gone crazy and we’re watching people act out their fears, doubts, and anxieties, and that energy is very uncomfortable, especially for those of you who are emotion and energy empaths. While we are tempted to jump in and help people with their traumas, what is coming up now is very deep trauma that they must deal with themselves.

Have you noticed how big the energy gaps feel now, between the dark and the light, between the awake and the not yet awakened, between knowledge and ignorance, and truth and ‘not truth’? Discernment is necessary to get through these next few months and the key to peace and joy is being firmly in your own energy field and in your energy lane, as I call it. Avoid getting sidetracked by distractions, illusions, fears, and the need to escape as well as to heal others. Remember energetic sovereignty is a major theme in 2021 and that means accepting others’ choices and decisions, no matter how much you think they are wrong. We can’t be fully in our own light if we’re trying to convince someone that their light is shining in the wrong place or in the wrong way.

Rigor is needed to stay on your path, resolution is needed to have clarity and confidence and the ability to accept that while situations may not always turn out the way you want them to, the result is a reflection of the free will, energetic sovereignty, and soul mission of everyone.

And re-orientation is our ability to regroup, re-vibe, and restart our path into greater fulfillment and joy. Can we shift gears when we realize that a course correction is necessary and the path we’re on is not going to yield the results we want? And can we do that without feeling any guilt, shame, or regret? July’s 3 vibration is the divine trinity – body/mind, emotions and spirit.

What is possible for you when your energy is fully aligned, integrated, and you express your mastery instead of your misery, when you allow yourself to be energetically sovereign and let your intention create a wonderfully large, expanded energy container so you can receive the energy that aligns with your intention?

What does your life look like when you move forward with clarity, confidence, and divine congruence? You can find out in July so rev up your engines and let’s peel some rubber and make tracks. Have a wonderful month.


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