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Judging Is Non Acceptance of What Is

by: Ana Plavn

You judging = you having a belief that you are THE judge. That the World/ things/ situations should play according to your beliefs and rules. According to your opinions/programs. Or beliefs/rules/ opinions/ programs that you have adopted and unconsciously playing like this is how the World should act.

Judging … is denying the existence. It is judging what IS.

Judging is NON acceptance of what IS!

JUDGING/BLAMING is one of the biggest programs this society is playing upon…. It’s the most unconscious program that is keeping us in separation from WHAT IS.

From ourselves!

From the truth and magic of THE EXISTENCE.

Attachement to our programs of judging/ blaming is keeping us in lower state consciousness where we cannot see with the eyes of the HEART. Is keeping us in conflict with THY SELF!

It is keeping us in disbalance…. It is keeping us in MATRIX.

It is only when we detach from the program of judging/ blaming/ opinions …is that we can see the bigger picture and embody more light that we are… which is expanding our hearts and are allowing love to flow!

To FLOW…. is to be detached from all the conditions. The acceptance of what is …. Allowing what is to flow… without having opinions/judgement on it… is a true FREEDOM!

Acceptance of what is…. Surrendering to not knowing…. Is allowing PEACE to flow through all of our being.

And Peace and freedom is who we are…. Under the conditions and programs of our conditioned mind…. LOVE is… who we are!

Love IS ALL that is!

Namaste 🙏❤️🌹

Ana Plvan

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