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January 2024 Energy Report

By: Jennifer Hoffman


It is the first month of the new year and we’re all excited about that. This is a time when we are full of promise and resolve ‘to do better’ than the previous year and hope that we won’t get repeats of the past. This new year brings in a whole new vibe and we can make this year a fresh start. But that won’t happen with resolutions, new goals, and hope or wishful thinking. It will happen with resolve, intention, determination, and operating from a fresh perspective.

January 2024 is an opportunity for a fresh start but that begins after we take care of some loose ends and unfinished business. So bring in the fresh energy but don’t ignore those nagging leftover odds and ends that demand our attention because they may become our stumbling blocks later this year. January’s Energy Report reminds us that routine maintenance and energy tune-ups are essential to a smooth journey. And this 2024 edition of the newsletter begins my 21st year of writing the newsletter, energy reports, and sharing these insights, resources, and information with you.

It is January and we are in a year that promises fresh starts and new beginnings. After the heavy energy of the last 4 years, and especially that of 2023, we are ready for anything that is not a repeat of the past. But before we try to move ahead too quickly January’s energy will be sending us reminders that any old business which crops up requires our attention and resolution. Completion and closure are especially important now and if we don’t want a repeat of the past we will have to give it some attention now and then.

This newsletter marks my 21st year of writing and sharing these insights, resources, and information with the world. Little did I know, when I was first contacted in October 2003 by Archangel Uriel, that I would be doing this work for over 2 decades. To be honest, I thought it would be about 6 months and then I would continue with my career in business and technology. In fact, all I wanted to do was to be ‘a senior VP of IT in a fortune 50 company.’

Just goes to show that the Universe has its own plans. I don’t regret any of it, it has been an honor and  a privilege to be part of this ascension cycle. But it has had its moments and we have shared a lot together.

And when I was sharing the GPS 2024 theme of the SHIFT with my guides, I had to laugh because the first series I wrote in February 2004 with the first newsletter was on the shift, so we have come full circle.

In the 8 year that is 2024 January’s 1 energy makes this month a 9 vibe which is the number of completion. So yes there will be times when we have to go over old ground as we prepare for new paths. That is not a bad thing, it’s simply part of life. The difference now is we can truly put the past in the past where it belongs and not have it crop up at the most inconvenient times and disrupt the present, preventing us from moving forward.   

A 9 month at the beginning of the year just creates an opportunity for review and reconsideration of old business. It is OK to start new things, we just cannot ignore the past and we have Mercury in retrograde shadow until January 21. We never truly put the past away, part of our mind’s function is to remember the past so we don’t repeat unwanted or unnecessary actions that have not worked out before. Now we have the understanding and spiritual maturity to use the past more purposefully and intentionally, as a stepping stone instead of a millstone.

January’s theme is revitalization and that sounds good to me. So much of what has happened in the last 4 years in particular and in the 15 years of Pluto in Capricorn has been an exercise in futility, disappointment, challenge, and testing our commitment. I look back on when Pluto entered Capricorn, in 2008, and I am inspired by the growth, awakening, and new awareness that it has introduced (although forced would be a better word). Of course I would have preferred that it was not accompanied by so many challenges on so many levels but that is what Pluto does.

For several years, especially with the US Pluto return in 2022, I have been writing about the vast social, economic, and political changes that are part of Pluto in Capricorn. This Pluto cycle was no different. In fact, it was even more global in nature because of the internet and of the level  of connection we have today. And this month Pluto finally exists Capricorn and begins its 20 year journey into Aquarius. That is going to bring a monumental shift in global energies and that is already beginning. It will make a brief return to Capricorn later this year but by November it will be fully in Aquarius and ready to begin its work there.

It was rather sobering to realize that when Pluto leaves Aquarius, in 2043, I will be well into my 80s. For many of us, we will spend the rest of our lives with Pluto in Aquarius. Some of us may see Pluto enter Pisces.  For the Pluto in Leo generation, from 1938 to 1958, Pluto in Aquarius will be a Pluto opposition. The Leo generation saw World War 2 and the installation of the globalism that has been a source of tyranny for decades. The opposition now will see the dismantling of this system and it is high time. Pluto is unforgiving and relentless in its energy cycles.  It often allows things to get out of control before it comes in and brings its own version of truth and right sizing.

We’re due for this change now and Pluto in Aquarius is going to usher in the light that will further unravel so much of the 3D darkness that we have lived in for a very long time. Pluto works like a glacier, moving slowly and steadily forward, carving up the land as it passes over it. The results of a glacier’s movement are not immediately visible, but the landscape it moves over is permanently altered.  

January’s new moon on the 11th is the last hurrah for Pluto in Capricorn as it features a wide but potent aspect to Pluto. It is not going to leave Capricorn without reminding us of all of the changes it brought so we don’t forget that our landscape has been permanently altered. There is no returning to the old ways so we might as well accept that a new higher vibe paradigm has moved in and learn how to make the most of it.

The full moon on January 25 features Pluto front and center as it makes a conjunction to the sun in Aquarius and opposes the moon in Leo. The energy of that full moon may just see the fall of some public and government figures who have been operating in very selfish and self-centered ways, and who have taken advantage of the public for far too long. I think we will be seeing the dis-integration of quite a few ivory towers this month.

And there is more Capricorn action this month, especially at the full moon, which will take us into February, with Mercury, Venus, and Mars all in Capricorn. We are not finished with that energy yet. This will bring in the personal aspects of Capricorn’s clearing and if there is any old business we have not taken care of yet, we will have a chance to do so in late January going into February.

On January 21 we have the big move of Pluto into Aquarius on the same day as the Sun also moves into  Aquarius. That is significant because Aquarius is a 5D planet and we are going to officially be in 5D territory from here on out. Now that Pluto has permanently altered the geopolitical landscape, it is going to work on the energetic landscape. January 21 is also the day that Mercury finally ends its retro shadow and the node is at 19 Aries, the degree of the April 2024 total solar eclipse.

That is why I have been saying that we need to start being more aware of the energy, of energetic resonance, congruence, and flow because this is where we awaken and remember our true power as creators. Never doubt that our power to create our own reality extends to influencing the global reality as well. And with the vast majority of humanity connected as we are today, that influence is powerful indeed.

We are truly the family of humanity and we have a strong awareness of and connection to everything that happens around the world. Nearly every place in the world is accessible to us via the internet. For example, did you know that there is an internet application called Radio Garden that you can use to listen to any radio station in the world, in real time? I use it to listen to radio stations in France, Australia, and other countries around the world. In fact, if you are trying to learn a new language, it is a great tool to use to practice your fluency. I have read that if you can understand radio announcers, who talk very fast, you can consider yourself to be fluent in a language.

Everything is super charged today, changes happen with lightning speed, and events take hours or days, not weeks or months. I was very active on the internet in the late 1990s and wrote the first book on the internet and business then. I quoted an article that said that an email could go around the world in 24 hours. Now a social media post can go around the world in seconds. While you may not like everything on the internet, it can be a force for good, for awakening, connection, and for enlightenment.

January’s theme is revitalization and it is a welcome step in a blessed direction as we could all use some new perspectives, focus, and direction now. To revitalize something is to bring it back to life, to refresh its purpose, to give it a new mission and focus. What a fitting theme for the first month of 2024, a year of great potential. We can’t revitalize without including the past or remembering why something didn’t work out, was disappointing, or did not meet our expectations. Sometimes it is our expectations which got us into trouble in the first place, so maybe that is a good place to begin our revitalization.

If you have spent much of the last 4 years dealing with life and health challenges, like me, this is a good month to bring new life to your life. What is important to you now may have changed and that’s a great place to start. Life is dynamic, not static, and we do change our priorities and possibilities over time.  Use January’s theme of revitalization to enhance and support what is important to you, and to prune away what is not.

This is a good month to do an energy inventory and assess what is truly important and meaningful to you, and what no longer matters. You may find that you just cannot tolerate having these things in your life any more, and if so then it’s time to walk away. Walking away can also mean disconnecting energy cords and removing our energetic support for any beliefs, attitudes, memories, and situations that no longer have a place in our life or in our energy field.

We do not have the energy to support what we no longer resonate with, nor do we need to. And letting go is part of revitalization, especially when we are letting go of things that we can no longer tolerate, manage, or want to deal with. So do not be afraid to let go of old energy  paradigms because that is necessary to creating new ones. And the new 5D Pluto in Aquarius paradigm is going to bring in some very big changes, just like it did during its previous Aquarius cycle that started in 1778.

There is more good news with the Alpha Omega portals in effect this month as these support both beginnings and endings and really help tie up loose ends. And Pluto in Aquarius is going to have a close aspect to Jupiter in Taurus for several months, shaking up the rampant materialism and self-centered behavior that seems to have become a new social norm. And that includes the illusions of glamour, fame, and money that have become the new marketing models for so many on the internet.

Have you noticed that there are fewer ‘influencers’ now, and fewer people trying to gain online celebrity and fame by flaunting their usually phony lifestyles and money? Watch that decline even further as Pluto in Aquarius shifts that landscape too. There will be far more focus on the 5D energies of community, connection, cooperation, collaboration, and creativity and far less on 3D carats, cash, and crass behavior.

If you have felt defeated by what has been going on in the world in the past few years January is a good time to regain your mojo. The hard part of being awakened and aware is that you have a different perspective and a deeper understanding of world events and happenings. You see the truth but you may be the lone beacon of light trying to shine in the darkness. But as people awaken, and that has been increasing exponentially lately, you become the voice of truth that everyone wants to listen to. Miracles and energy shifts abound now so be open to receiving because it’s time for the light to shine.

January is a potent shift in awareness and a much needed energy reboot that is welcome after the heavy energy of 2023. It ushers in just enough change while also maintaining just enough of the status quo to remind us to deal with the past we want to have closure with so we can truly start the year fresh. Remember January’s 9 energy is not an invitation to rush out of the starting gate, it’s a reminder to make sure we have the route planned, gas in the car, we have done the routine maintenance to prepare for the road trip, and have plenty of snacks to keep us nourished.

 It definitely will not be a boring month and it will bring in fresh ideas and perspectives, new plans and projects, and a revitalization of our perspectives so we can truly make the most of this year of the SHIFT and of our new 5D I AM paradigm. These are the themes in my new GPS 2024 program and you can register for it at this link. These tools and resources will be especially useful and helpful in making the changes and shifts you want to make so you can revitalize your life, bring new energy into your reality, and start exercising your intention, manifestation, and miracle energies to create a glorious, joyful, joy-filled life now.


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