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Focusing on what we want to experience and not that which we don't is more important than ever now (and all-ways)! The main reason why we don't have what we want is that we focus mainly on that which we don't want, which is all part of the old limiting programming, conditioning, distorted Templates, as well as massive amounts of interference that is all clearing now, as the tables turn now and we all reap what we have sown! Time is accelerating and all quickens now. You may have noticed things manifesting much more quickly now than ever before. Truly a time out of time to DREAM ALL NEW WORLD'S INTO BEING and call forth what we have all-ready created, in NO-TIME!

Radical NEUTRALITY, Compassion and Understanding are key to collapsing all undesirable, false Timelines/ Realities and lower Consciousness expressions within the field now. To see and understand everything for what it is. Why people behave the way they do. Why things are the way they are. To behold the distortions within the Consciousness with Compassion and understand how they were created and adjust our own behaviours, thoughts, words, beliefs, actions and attitudes accordingly. To BE THE CHANGE, to lead by example and through impeccable Integrity. This is no time to play small! Because that's why we came, to truly come to understand how the Consciousness can become so inverted and correct it from the inside out, so it never happens again and to get the heck outta here! 🥴😅 So we know what kind of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions, what kind of Consciousness created these false Realities. To unravel and resolve it all from within the ONE Consciousness. If we truly want to co-create / manifest our BIGGEST DREAMS & NEW EARTH now that is. To truly understand how it could have come this far. So we know how to now co-create that which is in Harmony and Balance with the Universal Laws of Creation, respecting and valuing all life.

What Timelines/ Realities are you co-creating? Are you focusing on the past or the future Timelines/ Realities? Do you focus on positive thoughts and things? What kind of information are you feeding your mind throughout the day, where's your main focus? Are you co-creating the same over and over again or ALL NEW NOW? REMEMBER, to his is not about being 'right' but about being happy!! Our focus, thoughts, words, BELIEFS, feelings and aligned actions are key now and all-ways have been, to co-creating/ magnetising all that which is seeking us too! Whatever we focus upon we will keep getting more of. ALL becomes vastly accelerated and amplified now especially with the distortions, inversions, reversals, interference and lower Consciousness clearing at Quantum speed. Manifestations are extremely heightened, 'good & bad'. Hence our focus becomes ever more important! All we can dream of is all-ready available in a parallel Timeline/ Reality, only a Frequency 'away', but we got to tune into the right one via our resonance! We got to let go of the past once we have integrated our lessons so we can welcome the new. Release any remaining fears, doubts and worries now with ease. The future is not just something that happens to us but that we came to co-create in the now. We can't do this if we keep focusing on dooms day prophecies, the past and negative news!

WE ARE IN CHARGE of the Timeline/ Realities NOW, OWN THIS!!

All-ways in alignment with God Source and the Law of One, becoming Divine Will embodied. Time to turn it up a notch Beloveds! Let's do this! YEEEHHAAAA 🥳

Eternal Love,

Ramona 💙


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