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It is said that Lucifer...

It is said that Lucifer, whose name means light-bearer, descended into the matter to transmute the darkness. This too became an available band of consciousness and it served the purpose of highlighting the darkness or antimatter in order to return it to the violet field of creation. Also, I have found that some people play the role of darkness for the betterment of the whole. These people have the potential to teach us valuable karmic lessons. I am not alone in noticing that characters such as Adolf Hitler merely served as a vehicle to demonstrate the hatred and judgment that lay in all of our psyches. He became the outward manifestation of our communal patterns. His unimaginable behavior did in fact cause many a soul to approach human relationships differently and the positive, evolutionary effects of his horrible legacy still linger.

Still, others say that Lucifer had been given a reign of darkness by the karmic board and it is now over. I think this is most likely true but simply another way of describing a different perspective. There are some who believe that dark beings came out of the center of the Earth and got trapped in our realm, with no option but to attach to our energy because they had no eternal life source. Some say they came here from Mars just before their planet was destroyed by their misuse of power.

There are many different postulations about how darkness came to live here and I think it is wise to check in with your own soul memory and that of others in order to determine what you believe. Once we accept many perspectives and look at the deeper meaning, we often find the common thread. You will most likely find that all theories have the same happy ending. Most suggest the reign of evil on planet Earth is over. That is my humble belief and viewpoint as well.

Once again our salvation lies in the fact that the darkness is human error, whereas the light is eternal and of God. Both have existed in our physical and mental realities simultaneously. The most powerful statement in this regard resides in the opening phrase of Course in Miracles. “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” We only need to correct the projection to see a different world.

I talk a lot about spiritual empowerment because we live in a world that has a tendency to smash, quell and overshadow our spirits. On the other hand, I believe that people with big spiritual egos are equally destructive. Spiritual ego results from a false positioning of authority, value, or importance based on a limited perspective. A person who has been studying spirituality for a long time or for many lifetimes comes to understand that we all have a brilliant spirit and that we shouldn’t judge because we are all in different positions of the ascension spiral.

Newbies to spirituality or religion often become very preachy and judgmental. One should not consider himself or herself enlightened unless one can see the brilliant spirit of others. Before one hangs out their shingle, I suggest they be capable of seeing what is right before they try to fix what is wrong. Ultimately, it is about all of us dreaming a different dream and creating a new paradigm, rather than fixing what is wrong with the old paradigm. . . . Alana Kay, 144,000 Points of Light

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