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Humanity has reached a crossroads

Dear fellow Patriots...

Humanity has reached a crossroads.🙏🏼

Whether or not you see it, we all feel it.💯

How can anyone deny that we are currently experiencing a worldwide awakening to the presence of evil and heinous corruption?

"Red-pilled" is an interesting term. There isn't necessarily a correct dosage, but when it hits your changes forever.

We all have that "moment".

You stumble down a rabbit hole of truth and you feel like you've entered the twilight zone.

"This can't be true.."

You spend hours hopelessly descending into the abyss, shattering your previously cozy reality into millions of pieces the entire way down. As you fall, the feeling of nausea slowly boils into outrage.

Once you've hit rock bottom, you reach the inevitable conclusion that you have no choice but to pick up the broken pieces and mold them into the Armor of God, so you may walk with your fellow warriors through the valley of the shadow of death, on a newfound quest to enlighten your family and friends to the task at hand.

Darkness has enveloped this planet for far too long. If you've broken the matrix, God has called upon you to spread the light.

You may not fully grasp how dire the situation truly is, but you know something is horrib