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Hidden Pyramids are Awakening

By: Jenny Schiltz

I received an amazing transmission yesterday. I was shown pyramids all over the earth. They were connected to important celestial aspects in the universe. During certain times of the year, the heavens would align and activate the pyramids. This vibrational information was utilized by the Earth and by those that were able to align to it.

Then I saw that large waves came, covering the pyramids, destroying parts of some. I questioned what happened and was told that the poles shifted, and with it, the Earth was shifting to a lower vibration.

Pole shifts signal a change in a cycle; the earth cycles and vibrational cycles. The last pole shift covered the majority of the Earth’s pyramids with water and many remain hidden today. It is important to note that even if the pyramid was destroyed, the reason why the pyramid was put in that location originally is still there.

We are currently in a pole shift, it is happening at a much slower and life-sustaining pace. Thankfully, much of the damage is being mitigated as we shift back to a higher vibration.

It was explained that many of the underwater pyramids are ready to come back online. It has been requested that the Stargate keepers feeling an urge to work with the water on this planet follow those urgings. The Stargate keepers are holding codes downloaded from Sirius. The final coding was received and integrated during this last eclipse & Solstice.

Work can be done remotely, but if it all possible among the restrictions, physically getting to the water that is calling you is