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Heaven Is All Around You

I am here on this wonderful today intentionally for sharing a message of Joy, Peace and compassion…

Please Reheart dear souls on mission be compassionate when in the chaos.

When in between the rock and a hard place for with compassion, joy will follow.

Just as the Rays of Light beam the warmth of the Sun.. then following is to be a rainy patch of the day.

True compassion is made up of Joy, Inner~Peace, Strength, Unconditional Love and much much more including the Unlimitedness of our expansion for evolution.

Please hearts of earth equal heart.

Heaven is all around you.

Let us have more of this for the unique betterment of Humanity and our Self’s.

Don’t be afraid any longer.

Thank you for being of Service for Love.

With compassion and a rainbow bridge connection from my heart to yours..

Always and forever…



Love you MOTHERofCreation

Love you Galactic A~Team

Love you The Angels

Love for ALL those of the Highest Light

Mi Jo 946 36%

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