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Get Out of your Head ❤️ and Into Your Heart.

Get Out of your Head ❤️ and Into Your Heart.

The Universe is Listening- thoughts are NRG.

The Power Lies in Your Heart.

Think Less-

Feel More..

Living in the Love Vibration..

Vibrate to the Frequency of Love.

When we are living from the Heart,

we don't have to plan anything.

Life becomes so Beautiful, as you flow in the Sea

of the Divine Spirit, with Heart as light as a feather. Love that is free to play with child-like Joy, Playfulness and Wonder.

Your life will unfold Beautifully and Effortlessly, because Divine Spirit

will set free to BE.

The Strength of Divine Order,

Wisdom and Discernment

is only found within Divine Love.

Acceptance is the Key.

"I align my molecules with the Christ Consciousness Vibration of Unconditional Love,

Light and Service to ALL Beings.

May I remain centered as my Highest Self so I may clearly Hear, See, Feel, and Know the Divine Messages that wish to come through me.

May my path be illuminated so I may walk forward courageously knowing I am Protected, Guided, and Led toward my Highest Truth and the Highest Best for myself and everyone I come in contact with, whether I interact with them or not.

May I be a Lighthouse shining in the dark, illuminating the path to help others find their way home so we may Co-Create and Collectively Collaborate on Consciously Curating this New Paradigm of Heaven on Earth together out of ALL LOVE and ALL LIGHT."

So it is, so it is, and so it is!

I Am Magic and Power.

I Am here to Live, Laugh,

Love, Celebrate, Expand

and Contribute.

I Am Magic and I Am

Power and in this


I Am Free.

Creator and Author.

Mike Harrigan.

I Am.

You Are.

We Are.


Global Consciousness..

💎 ❤️💚💙💜❤️ 💞♏♌💞


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