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Galactivation : Jumping Timelines and Collapse

By: Karen Neverland

When we activate the Thymus Chakra, a whole set of “super powers” opens for us. This is sometimes called “Galactivation,” since our consciousness opens up to the entire Universe. Awareness expands from just the physical reality in front of us to include the mass consciousness and awareness of the whole Existence. Gaia, Star Family, and Planetary Consciousness all become available.

We do not get these abilities until we activate the High Heart/Thymus, because this is when we have embodied Unconditional Love and the Law of One–the understanding that we are all One Being.

The Thymus is a golden chakra that opens on top of the emerald heart to activate its full potential. It is also a marker that the Alchemical Purification of the body has been completed and the Light Body is in place (alchemical gold and the philosopher’s stone). When a being reaches this point, after intense initiations and purification, they are trusted to ent