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Galactic Light Federation: This Is a Call to All People

August 13, 2021

Galactic Light Federation

Via: Inger Norén

With great caution, we have decided to urge humans to truly give this planet your strong and courageous power to fight the dark ones who are trying to eliminate most people with viruses and vaccines. This planet belongs to humans and will do so at all times. It is extremely important that everyone feels like keeping this planet and creating it so that it once again becomes the amazing beauty and paradise it once was before the great experiment began for the people on Earth.

This is a call to all people, regardless of whether they know that there are battles between the dark, the Galactic Light Federation and the Alliance to once and for all get rid of the dark who no longer have the task of filling in various experiments to harm humans more. This era is over and now more and more people are rising in consciousness and in their vibration to have the opportunity to follow in the ascension to the fifth dimension.

Many people have felt how the destructive and dark has increased in society, which has become increasingly hard in the mentality between people and this is something that many have experienced with great difficulty in recent years. This destructive and dark mentality will continue as long as the dark with their manipulative methods to keep people down with meaningless restrictions on masks and vaccines. We would like people to now begin to see through these dark agendas by getting people to start hurting each other in big riots and demonstrations to get the leaders to listen to the people. This virus is not more dangerous than a common flu, but the vaccines are much more dangerous in the long run. Many people die from the vaccines in the world and there will be severe repercussions over time with these vaccines.

There have been so many warnings about these injections that it must have been noticed by many people and giving their children and adolescents these vaccines is a direct call to the dark that people do not care. That people choose to take these injections is their personal choice, but giving children and young people these injections, which is not a vaccine, but they have very toxic and harmful substances that affect the whole body because it changes the DNA structure of those who survive these injections. These injections are not a vaccine that protects against the disease but a weapon of mass destruction so that as many people as possible are harmed by them or die from them. In addition, the people who are so-called fully vaccinated infect other people with the active virus included in these injections.

This is something that many people have begun to understand because there is constant talk that it needs to be refilled with more injections because many people still get sick from the Covid virus even though they have been vaccinated several times. Everyone must begin to understand and absorb this. It is time to begin to see through this scenario that is happening before the eyes of the people and it is true in all countries and what is happening is that the dark ones are desperate to try to prevent the ascension of the people and to try to prevent them from losing this planet. The battles are many and it will be even more intense to capture as many of these dark entities as possible who are trying by all means with their evil agenda. keep up, with evil agenda.

These dark entities cannot live in a higher vibration than in the third dimension. They are of very low energy and the fact that humans have now raised their vibration to the fourth and also to the fifth dimension makes it difficult for them to access the humans who have also raised their light, which is a very effective weapon. Fighting these dark entities makes people best at remaining in their light and in that way even in their higher vibration. This is done by having a friendly and loving attitude towards all people and also feeling compassion for each other. This is the strongest weapon you have as a human being and it goes a long way to be attentive and not be a participant in everything you see and hear but only an observer. In this way you protect yourself and the entire population of the Earth. We are so proud of the people's strength and determination so far, but if everything is to go as planned, everyone must be helping with this fight for your planet. The light has won and the illusion of the third dimension has ended even though not everyone can see it. Pray for a more peaceful world and for humans to have a strong and conscious desire for this planet to belong only to humans. We love you all so incredibly much and we are always with you.

The Galactic Light Federation

via Inger Norén


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