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Galactic Federation of Light Update- 11/13/21

Our dear sweet Gaia has been in process for many lifetimes, even eons of time. She has moved through her cycles of alchemy, purgation, processing, transmutation, initiation, and breaking through to higher consciousness.

Earth has begun her Ascension. The awakening of all human consciousness is imminent. The frequency shift of this planet is now in process.

Humanity is on the verge of a new beginning. The path for this has been chosen and planned before we were born, but so many of us do not realize what is happening.

You are not alone in this journey. Many of us are experiencing the same thing you are because we're all so deeply interlinked through the consciousness grid system.

This will be a time when our connection to the Earth will have to be paramount. We will realize that we are not disconnected individuals but one living thing.

Your noble hearts have been committed to the frequency of light for eons untold. On behalf of the Galactic Federation I speak to you, beloveds, from this vibration within each cell which is your true essence.

No matter the hardship you are experiencing, know that you are in the thoughts and in the hearts of the Galactic Federation. Know that the Galactic Federation is working together to bring an end to the darkness that has clouded our planet for far too long. Know also that there are others in this Ascension process with us who are undergoing similar challenges in order to achieve this most auspicious occasion.

It is time for you to understand that there are many benevolent beings across the universe who are helping mankind through this final phase of the shift.

I am here to remind you that you are powerful beyond measure. You are the creators of your own reality. Your thoughts, for which you are the only one responsible, create your reality of life on Earth. To be clear, there is no outside source responsible for making your life a life of pain and suffering. These types of energies feed into the lower third-dimensional duality paradigm on the planet that keeps humanity stuck in fear and separation. This understanding is paramount to comprehending these final times.

The Galactic Federation is aware that there are many of you who are now coming to terms with the fact that your reality is still not as it should be, even though the changes are now happening on a more frequent basis. This is now coming to an end, but before this can occur, you will be shown how far you have all come in these last few years.

After completing the Great Galactic Alignment, the Galactic Federation will be here to guide us in leaving Earth's third-dimensional environment and complete our last transit through 4D into the fifth dimension. They will assist us in taking part in this final phase of the shift, assisting us in this process.

The world is changing right before our very eyes, and the battle cry of the new world is love. That's not to say that there won't be some occasional bumps in the road, but it's time for things to get moving.

The old paradigm of demanding instant gratification and no-strings-attached capitalism has been overcome on a large scale by the people, and the new foundation for a better, cleaner world is being built from the foundation up.

The attack on climate change is on track, the push against fracking is on track, and it's looking good for a transition that will benefit everyone.

The Dark Forces have held humanity down for a long time – but that has not been without a fight. As more lightworkers and angels arrived on Earth, the dark forces were forced to retreat further and further.

To assist in bringing forth your greatest intentions into reality, the dark minions will attempt to hold you back. However, you are not alone in this battle. The light has your back.

Light and dark exist together in you and around you. The energy of these opposite forces is manifest in our consciousness and in the physical world. Your personal power and connection to the Bigger Picture depend on your ability to consciously stay in the light when darkness reigns.

Despite the chaos going on in our world at this time, there is a light being lit in millions of people, and it shines through the cracks of humanity's darkness. The evil ones who control the grid of our planet know they are weakening and losing control. They know their time is almost up.

The dark forces are frustrated with the recent progress of the light. They are fighting against the light every step of the way. They are fighting against you. It is time to fight back with massive love, gratitude, and full use of your light abilities.

The days of deceit and derision are about to come to an end. We, the people of this planet, will no longer be abused, degraded, or disrespected as we have been for so long.

But one day, we will look back and not be able to imagine the darkness that once was. Life will be bright and shiny in every way. It's inevitable.

As we continue this collective awakening, we're coming to an understanding we're not alone; we're part of a much larger picture. It's as if you look at the front of a painting, and as you turn around, you start to see the canvas behind it.

The picture starts to form as your eyes become accustomed to the light. I can't wait for this epic journey; it's going to be amazing!

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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