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Full Moon, Winter Solstice and the Kala Sarpa

By: Alison Dhuanna


Just when you feel the work of the Creator couldn’t get any more magnificent, this next few months show a dazzling array of highly transformational cosmic events which may be either very painful or create unprecedented freedom – the choice is ours.

Lets begin with the background of the Kala Sarpa Yoga, a rare event in which all 7 planets and most of the main asteroids are held within the Head and Tail of the Great Cosmic Serpent, the Moon’s Nodes. At Winter Solstice the Head is held in Gene Key 20.6 with its Shadow of Superficiality and its Siddhi of Presence. The South Node conjunct Mars is in a most powerful ‘shamanic’ Gene Key 34 where the Tail is held with its Shadow of Force and Gift of Majesty.

On the 23rd December there will be a Nodal Shift to the Taurus Scorpio Axis and a shift to the North Node Head being in Gene Key 8 with its Shadow of Mediocrity and its Siddhi of Exquisiteness and the South Node with the Shadow of Compromise and Siddhi of Bount