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Full Moon in Virgo + Saturn in Pisces: The Completion of the Cycle + The Return to the Cosmic Womb

By: Archeia Aurora

We are within the potent portal window that began on 3/3, anchoring in the Cosmic Trinity energy of sovereignty, the Mother, the Father + the inner child. This portal brought intense Solar activity with an X.2 Solar Flare that will be making its way into our collective field this weekend, bringing us right into the date of March 7th. On March 7th, we will be experiencing a deep, visceral combustion of energy.

First, we have the Full Moon at 16-17 degrees Virgo with both the Sun + Moon sitting at this degree. Virgo is an interesting sign due to its modality as a Mutable Earth sign. Virgo is earthy, practical + simple through its Earth expression, yet the mutable energy makes it extremely flexible, malleable + ever changing. This is one reason why I feel Virgo’s often struggle with perfectionism, because they are always seeing the ways in which things can be changed, corrected, and forever being alchemized into a higher state. Yet, if we are always focused on what MUST be perfected and corrected, we lose sight of the overall perfection of the Universe. We can get hyper focused on the details and nuances of things, that in the big picture, don’t truly matter. This Full Moon feels like we are collectively reaching a point of extreme exhaustion, as Virgo often does. We are exhausted from trying to be perfect, from trying to fit ourselves into places we don’t truly belong. We have been molding ourselves to fit every corner and crevice of this Matrix society, constantly having to adapt to the interference, opposition, and control. We are collectively exhausted and this Full Moon will be physically calling for us to just stop.

The following is an excerpt from the Book 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny by Ellias Lonsdale:

16 Degrees Virgo: “What remains sacred and virginal and ultra pure is the feeling of being close to Earth and having a deep touch with everything on Earth that is redemptive, regenerative, and worth preserving. These mysteries are held with such respect and reverence that there is no way this inheritance can be turned into anything less that what it truly is.”

17 Degrees Virgo: “Her sin against the whole of life is that she’s too proud and wants to be all-discerning and wise. Yet it’s not that simple, not by a long shot, because she has the world’s firmest basis behind her in her narrow, tight insistencies. She is going to have to let go of her own dearly beloved point of view and come to recognize that she can move through her psychic openness and sensitivity quite well if she faces it directly and nakedly.”

We also currently have Mars, our inner masculine planet of action, ambition and forward movement at 20 degrees Gemini. We have been in this rabbit hole since August 21st, as our passion and momentum was strewn in all different directions, as Gemini is a mutable air sign. We weren’t really sure which direction to go, what exactly to focus on, so instead we spread our energy out like a web, waiting to see what sticks and what is viable. This has added to the collective feeling of being spread impossibly thin. So many avenues, so much information, so many possibilities, and yet no single focus could be obtained. No single path could truly unfold. Mars will be squaring the Sun + Moon in Virgo, adding to the stress of not knowing how to move forward. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place right now and we are all feeling it.

On the same day of this Full Moon, Saturn the planet of focus, discipline, resilience and trials will finally exit Aquarius after a 3 year tour. Throughout these last 3 years our focus has been drawn to Aquarian themes of the sharing of truth, knowledge, service to the highest good, collective community + gathering, and the evolution of Humanity. Throughout these three years, Humanity has gone through an initiation by the Galactics. Could we, as a collective, turn our focus onto the highest good + drop the self-importance? Could we navigate under stress, isolation and external limitations by finding a way to connect + gather? Could we be brave enough to go against the grain of society + seek the path less traveled and share these higher truths with others? In many ways, we succeeded in this transit. More disclosure + truth has been brought in the last 3 years than ever before, despite the constant censorship and opposition. Many brave souls chose to exit the herd mentality + to create their own path that was in service to the highest good and this was not comprehensible by those still existing within the system. We created online communities, soul families all across the globe who connected over Truth, Freedom and the desire for global sovereignty.

Those who passed the initiations + tests of Saturn’s transit through Aquarius will feel some relief as he passes over into Pisces, yet we are still feeling the weight of the burden we have taken on. There is a small % of the Planet who truly took up the sword during these 3 years and we have payed the price dearly for it. Many are wondering if there is light at the end of the tunnel, and if their bravery and resilience will ever be rewarded. I feel the next two years will deliver the promise that Saturn always makes to us. If you take on the accountability, responsibility, + relentlessness to do what you came here to do, then he will provide the blessings. The struggles + the sacrifices will not go unnoticed. The next few days are an emotional window to reflect back on everything we have given up, sacrificed, + lost. Make peace with it, for we have made the space for our dreams to be able to come into fruition. Without emptying out every crevice of our lives we would not be empty vessels able to receive the glory of God herself.

So what will Saturn’s entrance into Pisces be bringing for us collectively? There are so many ways to interpret these transits, as Astrology is an art not a science. My message today is solely for the first wavers, those who have bravely stood at the forefront of this spiritual war. What Saturn’s transit will bring for the masses I do not know, and I no longer have any concern of it. They have made their bed and they must lie in it.

Saturn is the higher octave of Mars + the Sun. When I look at the planets I see a symphony of yin + yang expressions. The Sun is the strongest archetype in our Charts and in our Galaxy (presently). The Sun is the yang aspect of the inner child, just as the Moon is the yin aspect of the inner child. Our Sun placement (sign, degree + house), is where we are EXCITED to be alive. It’s the “look at me!” energy we have that that draws attention to ourselves through our unique expression. We have a special purpose, a special way of expressing into the world that no one else but us can do. We are each a Sun in our own right. On the other hand, Mars is the higher octave of the Sun. Mars is the inner Divine Masculine, the yang energy of our inner teenager/early twenties. This is how we make our presence felt in the world as we develop a drive, ambition, goals, + the passion and creativity that we seek to be made manifest in our experience. It’s how we love, it’s how we fight, it’s how we establish ourselves and our own independence.

Saturn, therefore, is the higher octave of Mars. Saturn is the earthly Divine Father energies that can only be embodied through trial, error, failures, experience and wisdom. Saturn knows that true wisdom does not come from reading a book, studying, or being told by others what is best, good, right, etc. Saturn knows that without going through the tough shit on your own, finding your inner resilience and resolve to KEEP GOING and learn through the errors, mistakes, and failures, we can never truly have any wisdom. We can never truly find our own sovereignty without these lessons. This is what makes us the tried + true warriors of the cosmos, and our wisdom stands the test of time here.

Pisces is the final zodiac sign and rules the realm of the unfathomable. Pisces is the ALL, the Alpha + the Omega. It encompasses all consciousness, including the unconscious or subconscious. Just as all other archetypes, this covers both the higher and lower spectrum of expressions. Pisces is represented by the dual fishes, the as above so below, and as within so without. Whenever we are discussing Pisces we must understand that not everything will be as it seems, and it is here we cannot escape the ENERGY by simply focusing on the surface level, nor can we escape ourselves in pursuit of the external. This is where all EGO comes to die and all sense of duality comes to dissolve. In the higher spectrum, Pisces rules our biggest dreams, our wildest imaginations, our most unrealistic desires, and limitless possibilities. It is here we are connected to the Oneness within all living things; nothing is fragmented or disconnected, in fact everything is connected. Miracles, synchronicities, a return to the Prime Source. In its lower spectrum, Pisces shows us our illusions, fantasies, our misperceptions + miscreations. Pisces also brings up the energy within all things to be seen for what it is, as nothing can hide from this vast perception. Addictions, toxins, poisons, + self-sabotaging behaviors as well as the mental illness of the EGO all reside here.

With Saturn’s entrance into Pisces, which we will experience for the next 2-2.5 years, the first wavers will feel jolted from this initial shift in energy. Again, Saturn is our focus, discipline, integrity + where we often see rewards for our hard work and perseverance through struggle. Yet, our focus and drive come to die in Pisces, as Pisces has no self will, only divine will. For those who have spent years + decades engaged fully in this spiritual battle you may find what I am about to share very challenging, as I myself am grappling with it. There is no more battle. There is no more fight. We must put the sword down, bring ourselves to our knees + surrender to the ultimate force of the Universe. Love + the Unknown=Prime Source Creator. Saturn desperately wants us to find structure, order and make some sort of common sense plan that we can execute. Pisces doesn’t plan, it has no form + no boundaries and therefore if we fight against the pulling of the cosmic tide here, we will end up drowning or simply giving up out of pure exhaustion.

I have often shared that love is the opposite of fear. Normally, two opposites can exist at once, which is what we call a paradox. However, only two TRUTHS can exist at once, even if they are opposite, if they are both true, then they paradoxically exist simultaneously. However, a truth + and illusion that are opposing can never exist at once because the illusion must dissolve in the presence of truth. Fear is an illusion + love is the ultimate truth, therefore they cannot exist in the same space, ever. What we have been battling personally both internally and externally for the past 10 years, is dissolving our fears, facing our fears, and overcoming our fears so that we could embody more love, fight for love, and share more love with the world. In my own reflections, I have faced every fear I have and moved forward mostly in spite of my own fears, yet it seems they have never been fully overcome.

I have come to realize now that the only way to truly overcome fear, to annihilate it from my being is to no longer fight against it, run from it, or will myself forward in spite of it. I must surrender it to a power much greater than myself. Source, the Divine Mother God is the only cure for the dissolution of fear. The cosmic womb in which we left 27,000 years ago is the only Home to which we can return to. There is nowhere else to go, nowhere to run. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which is the highest feminine/yin octave in our Galaxy, and she represents the Prime Source of the Mother God. Neptune, as the ruler of Pisces, is the Alpha + Omega, the ALL. She is the Oneness + highest Source we all seek.

I find it extremely poetic that Saturn, the Earthy Divine Father is now entering the realm of Pisces, ruled by the Cosmic Divine Mother. He too is finally coming HOME. In many ways, Saturn’s transit through Pisces will be the final era of Saturn. It’s the same feeling I get with Pluto entering Aquarius, although I will save that topic for another post. Saturn has been testing us for eons to develop our inner strength + resolve that we needed for this war… this battle. Without Saturn’s constant ass-kicking and rehearting us to get our shit together and keep moving we would have long ago given up on this mission. Saturn is equally as tired as we are, as he has faced so much struggle, hardship + failure but never once did he fucking give up, and neither did we. As he enters the Cosmic Womb of Pisces he is coming home to rest, to merge once again with his Mother and be fully healed. He can now surrender his struggle to the Most High + allow the Divine Plan to unfold. He is asking for us to do the same. Return to the soul, to the womb, to complete the 19 billion year separation from Source.

Just as equally poetic is the fact that Uranus, the highest masculine/yang octave of the Galaxy is transiting through Taurus, the sign of Mother Earth. Uranus is the Cosmic Father God aspect of the God Head, the mirror image of Neptune. He is evolution in motion and is always seeking to breakthrough the barriers, catalyze us into higher understandings + knowings, and most of all to teach us to claim our freedom + uniqueness while giving the middle finger to the controllers who have enslaved us. Uranus is the ultimate rebel and he does not rest until all barriers have been broken down + the sudden lightening of truth has been brought to all. The Divine Father God does not mess around when it comes to raising the consciousness of his children. For the past 5 years, since 2018, Uranus has been transiting Taurus, the ruler of Mother Earth. Father God has long returned home to his Mother…to Mother Earth. He has surrendered to nature and the divine intelligence of his feminine counterpart and he is working for Her every moment, protecting her + his children at all costs. Now, Father Saturn is finally making his way home….he has realized that there is no more struggle to be had and no more inner strength to be gained. He fought the good fight, and he too is now in surrender to the Divine Mother God.

A final excerpt from the Book 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny by Ellias Lonsdale:

1 Degree Pisces: “If we put into and stay plugged into mechanical, mental worlds, all the life force gets drained out of us. If we uncover that live wire where it seemed to have gone, we’re in a whole difference cycle, and nobody can tell where it might go. To recover, to remember, to realize what enhances life at its source point and what endangers things and makes them lose their focus- that is the great art. Somebody in here knows a deep way through, and they are sharp enough not to let anybody in on it until we burst through.”


If you would like clarity on your divine destiny, working with the planetary forces, preparing for the changes to your path, + embodying your sovereignty, book a session with me:

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