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From Judgement to Integrity


By: Ramona Lappin

This is a big theme right now and truly all-ways is until we have transcended the very last layers of separation, which is what keeps us stuck in the lower Consciousness, to come to Divine Union Within, which is what is unfolding NOW. Transcending judgement, opinions and projections is what allows us to stand in true Integrity which is what is required now as we up-level, stepping into full Christ Consciousness Embodiment, and IT IS WHAT SETS US ALL FREE!! As we are releasing the Collective Shadow Body, we allow this to clear through compassionate witnessing of the inversions within the Consciousness as well as correcting them within our own Blueprint.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."

~ Carl Jung

“If you criticize others judgmentally, rather than simply commenting on their behavior impartially, that shows that you have their faults to work on in yourself. By criticizing others, moreover, you increase those faults in yourself. What you condemn in others, you will have to experience, someday, yourself. That is the karmic law. In that way, people are taught compassion.” - Paramhansa Yogananda

We're all projecting our unacknowledged shadow aspects onto others to varying degrees. This is an import time out of time to deep dive into this and unravel, heal and bring to peace any remaining inner conflicts. To move from Judgement to Integrity. Watch all your judgements and triggers and use them as an opportunity to integrate all aspects of your Multidimensional Self, of your God Source Self within you! This is Polarity Integration, which is what Ascension is all about. This is AtONEment. As we bring the inner war to peace, the out-there shifts in response! World peace Indeed starts within each one of us!

This is where the power of being The Observer comes in. When we can observe others from a place of loving compassion, understanding, neutrality and DISCERNMENT Instead of judgement. If we take these judgements and try and see where we are still doing those very things ourselves that we are judging instead, using it as a tool for our own self improvement and growth, we would stop projecting and start using these triggers as a blessing instead of trying to correct others! This is what heals our Blueprints back to 'Perfection'!

The very things we are judging within another are the parts and aspects of the self that still require loving integration and acKNOWledgement. No matter how much we beg to differ! As we are collectively clearing and alchemising the shadow body fully and completely now, all the distortions are becoming very clear and up for transcendence and release. We can be discerning without judgement, it's a very different energetic! Discernment doesn't cast blame, guilt and shame which feed separation and the old artificial Matrix programming, especially those based in religious/ dogmatic beliefs. As we overcome these, these beliefs based in separation dissolve.

This doesn't mean we let others treat us poorly or that we don't stand up for ourselves, quite the opposite, we have strong and firm boundaries and hold everyone response-able and accountable, but we don't come from a place of superiority, judgement or blame, thinking we're better or above another. ALL others serve as mirrors to our own Consciousness, it's just a question of finding out what the mirror is trying to reflect back at us, what does it have to teach us? What other parts of my multi-dimensional Self am I still to discover, acknowledge, integrate and Love? Noone said this was easy, but it is what is necessary and this so our response-ability of we believe to be the more conscious and here to break through all the separation, limiting programming and reversals within the Collective Consciousness!

Don't judge the judgement either and instead EMBRACE it by sitting with it, having a rant, bringing it all up but without believing these judgements to be true, to find out what is really beneath it all. What parts of us, of The One, are we still rejecting/ judging/ demonizing/ refusing to acknowledge or integrate within the self BECAUSE WE LACK UNDERSTANDING? In order to integrate the polarities, come to balance, peace and homeostasis within the self, we have to integrate ALL ASPECTS OF SOURCE within, we can not do this when we still judge others, no matter who they are or what they are doing. This doesn't just concern certain people and behaviours and not others, it's ALL inclusive. We came to understand, study, transcend, alchemise and integrate ALL these pieces back together again, so we can heal and whole as the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that we are.

This is what SETs EVERYONE FREE because this is all part of the debt forgiveness and prosperity we seek. We first have to forgive those debts / hurts / atrocities and all that has happened, through UNDERSTANDING complex and distorted behaviours which assist us in expanding our own mind, personal growth and understanding as well as the Collective Consciousness. We came here to learn through direct experience, to understand how Consciousness and creation works. To understand what works and what doesn't. Just like the child that has to experience the pain of what it feels like to touch the flame, because just telling it that fire hurts doesn't teach what i actually FEELS like. We either learn through other people's experiences and examples whilst staying non judgemental, or we will end up experiencing, doing or embodying the very thing we judge. We will keep coming across and are being confronted of what we judge, until we have integrated it. Believe me, I've seen and experienced it myself many times, and each time I end up laughing at the irony. We truly are always judging aspects of our own 'past or future' Self because once they're transcended we just 'get it'.

So the next time we catch ourselves dropping into judgement and self righteousness again, we are best off to stop and go within instead and SIT WITH IT, to see what parts of us still want to be acknowledged, transcended, integrated and loved. Instead of acting out unconsciously band perpetuating distorted behavioural patterns, which we came to transcend. It's not about embodying these aspects that don't serve us, but about transcending, alchemising and purifying them through us which can not happen when we reject, deny, suppress or judge them. It takes a BRAVE-HEART to do this and being FULLY honest with ourselves. This is no time for false pride or arrogance, it's the humble that inherit the New Earth as we are it's Guardians, because we understand that it's the negative ego which separates and that this whole experiment is about us transcending it all and UNIFYING AS ONE tribe again!

All is an invitation for integration and Unification of ALL ASPECTS OF SOURCE within.


Self-LOVE IS THE KEY to this and the Freedom we are seeking, because when we love ourselves as we are, we automatically extend this out to all life everywhere!


DIVINE LOVE IS WHAT SETS US ALL FREE because it is our true nature & HEALS ALL NOW!

Eternal Love & Blessings,



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