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Everything is in its place

Everything is in its place.

By Saint Germain

Through Ngari


beloved brothers

Today we can already affirm that everything is prepared for the definitive fall of the Cabal. The domino pieces begin to fall, one by one. It will be the visible victory of the light, from whatever angle you look at it.

We know how tired you are, especially those servants of the light, who despite adversity, remain firm at the foot of the canyon.

The reward is just around the corner, for everyone. No one will be left out. No one will be forgotten.

my loved ones The battles are over. The final war already has a winner: the light!

Cabal governments are being eliminated, one by one. They no longer have power. The power ultimately belongs to the people. From town.

Wealth is already assured for everyone. It will no longer be concentrated in the hands of a few heartless. Humanity will never be a slave again!

From now on Gaia and her inhabitants are free and sovereign beings! Of Fifth Dimension. There is no way back. The point of no return has arrived.

Put aside your fears. There is nothing to fear anymore. We have to change the mentality of "I have no money". Replace it with "there is more than enough for everyone".

Financial worries are over. There is no more "getting to the end of the month". Change the chip! God created a world of abundance for everyone. Not just for some.

Don't be overwhelmed! Empower yourselves and know in your hearts that slavery is over. The Golden Age is here!

I love you with all my heart.

I am your Saint Germain.


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Thank you for all your kind effort and love!

Me gusta

Patti Lee
Patti Lee
10 abr 2022

I am so ready for the changes that are coming. I have worked so hard thru the years and every time I would start to get ahead things would fall apart. I made it this far I am not giving up. I try to wake people up but some are so brainwashed it is hard to see. I always question teachers about the truth. Never believed things should have been so hard. I am ready to learn more truth and see the planet repaired.

Me gusta
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